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Research: Creativity and the modern CIO

The Creative CIO

In six years there could be more than 50 billion connected devices in the world, dramatically changing the way we live and do business. This runaway connectivity signals a new era of ‘digital business’ and creates a critical moment of opportunity for forward thinking CIOs.

We’ve carried out some research to understand what these changes might mean for the CIO. We surveyed nearly 1,000 senior IT decision makers from organisations across Spain, UK, Germany, USA, Brazil, Australia, Singapore and Benelux. They were drawn from the banking, public, retail, energy & resources, transport & logistics, and manufacturing sectors.

The message is clear: CIOs face a Darwinian moment. The role is changing faster than ever. They face pressures and increasing demands from all directions, including the rise of shadow IT. However, despite the challenges we also found that these changes give CIOs a unique opportunity to take a leading role in their organisation.

Creativity and the modern CIO - Luis Alvarez, CEO BT Global Services

Listen to Luis Alvarez discuss how we understand and address the changing role of the CIO.

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