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Driving deeper and richer interactions with end customers

Driving deeper and richer interactions with end customersAs they move increasingly towards digital and mobile technology, customers want to interact in new ways. They’re using the phone, mobile, internet, video, social, email and branches/stores, and they’re switching between these channels as and when they need to, to help them achieve their goals.

Customer experience is the benchmark when choosing between brands. Customers expect you to know them well, be where they are, and deliver a great end-to-end experience. It’s no longer about isolated interactions, but rather an end to end journey in which there are multiple interactions. Customers want better, more personalised and more complete experiences that surprise and delight them.

We think organisations need to embrace new channels to help them achieve this, and that means transforming all the touchpoints in the customer journey – including the contact centre and all the other physical and digital touchpoints.

Our new white paper, which you can download via the form on the right, explores how you can use digital transformation to enhance your customer experience offering.

Improving experience whilst cutting costs.

Improving the customer experience will help you boost loyalty and advocacy. But at the same time nobody wants to spend more on the experience. It’s possible to use new channels to reduce cost as well as improve the customer experience.


integrate channels across multiple touchpoints to deliver a seamless customer experience with your brand.

Automation and self-service

Automation and self-service
give customers more independence while driving costs down.

Proactive contact

Proactive contact
combine data and analytics to help you understand customers and create proactive interactions.

Understanding your customer’s journey

A customer journey spans your customer’s experience from the point of initial contact, through the engagement process and into developing a longer term relationship. Customers can have many different journeys – booking a flight, changing an account, ceasing a service, reporting a fault - and every journey differs in complexity.

Digital customers are using a range of channels, switching between them and blending the digital and physical worlds to interact directly and indirectly with you. They’re dictating the stages in the journey, and they’re choosing how, where and when they interact with you at each stage.

Your challenge is to ensure quality and seamless interactions across all the touchpoints in the customer journey.

Analysing the journey and the interactions in it helps you not only understand the experience your customers get, but also what it’s really costing your business. Knowing what customers say, your NPS score and cost per transaction can help you continuously improve your customer journey and the overall experience.

How we can help

How we can help

We can help you define your customer journeys, identify the key stages, and highlight the touchpoints at each stage. We then help you choose the right mix of omni-channel, automation and self-service, and proactive contact technology to improve customer advocacy and reduce costs.

Our focus is on digital transformation. We have a portfolio of cloud contact services that bring platforms, channels, and applications together to optimise the interaction at every stage in the customer journey.

With over 16bn minutes per year on our inbound network, 4bn transactions per year, and over 60,000 named agents on our platforms, we have the experience to improve the customer experience without adding complexity or cost.

What customers look for is a seamless, tailored experience that will help them to reach their goal in the quickest, easiest, most enjoyable way."
- Dr Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight and Futures, BT

Our latest research: Closing the expectation gap through digital transformation

Our latest research: Closing the expectation gap through digital transformationWe interviewed over 400 CEOs to find out what their key priorities and challenges are on their journey to improving their customer experience. Our new white paper explores the research in detail and offers some suggestions and considerations to drive tangible efficiencies. You can download our paper now via the form on the right hand side of this page.

We found that CEOs see their digital customer experience as the main pillar to satisfying customers and acquiring new ones. But equally, they are facing new technology challenges and choices. There are a number of internal capability barriers preventing true transformation of customer experience, such as security, lack of technology skills, or lack of customer insight.

Read our paper to find out what CEOs are thinking, and use our roadmap to easily identify where your business is on the progress ladder. We’ve created a handy guide to help you understand how you can advance to a more digital customer experience as part of your digital transformation journey.

Digital customer 2017 research

Digital customer 2017 research

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