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London 2012 - a lifetime legacy


The programme demanded that BT delivered one of the best and most complex ICT projects ever undertaken, in the middle of the biggest building project since Britain's recovery from the last war. With work spread across seventy venues. BT  has taken service agility to new heights."

-Howard Dickel, London 2012 Delivery Director, BT

A once in a lifetime experience. And now that valuable experience, unique to BT, is helping change lives for the better.

London 2012 is not the only once in a lifetime moment to benefit from our fast and powerful communications. The team that delivered the Games provides, and will continue to provide, the very same everyday products and solutions that we have always delivered to our customers. Our global infrastructure ensures that our customers can continue to compete in a changing world, whatever their challenge.

BT has built a legacy of helping its customers make a real difference. And while our customers might be global organisations or vital public sector services, there are real people at the heart of all of them. Just like the real people at the heart of our delivery team who helped make the Games happen and who are continuing to help our customers to change and improve everyday lives.

The story of the 2012 Olympic Games - BT

The summer of 2012 was an incredible achievement, so let’s celebrate a little longer, and hear from the people who helped to make it happen. The flame of pride lit in the nation’s consciousness will burn for the foreseeable future. Joy, triumph, pride and satisfaction in having pushed boundaries, built relationships and achieved something so memorable are all here. When everything’s connected, anything’s possible. So watch, and enjoy.

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Giving voice to the Games and everyday superheroes

How BT One delivered a start to finish service.

A lifetime is made up of moments, and for BT One, London 2012 was certainly full of them. Like seamlessly linking all 94 venues during the Olympic and Paralympic Games and connecting half a million calls from the amazing athletes, media and organisers who made London their home this summer.

With 20,000 connections, plug-and-play, divert and transfer facilities as well as many other key features, BT One's hosted IT Telephony has enabled the freedom of voice and flexibility essential to delivering a truly connected Games.


The London 2012 voice architecture of choice, BT Hosted IP Telephony, has already proved highly successful in major public and private organisations."

-Hannah Wignall of the London 2012 Delivery Programme team


We've also been busy protecting our customer's business continuity at the same time; providing flexible, time and cost saving collaboration tools from voice to video and ensuring their people could stay in touch and online from any location during the unprecedented events of 2012.

Experience you can trust, every day

BT One also helps the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in its vital role of saving lives. Before, during and after the Games, we enable their courageous volunteer coastguards to respond to life or death emergencies as soon as they arise.

Like many superheroes. Anthony has an alter ego. An estate agent by day, he's a coastguard by night, responding to emergencies 24/7. He can get a call anytime. The London 2012 Olympics sailing events at Weymouth meant there were even more people on (and in) the water this summer, making it a particularly busy time.

This demands a robust and reliable communications infrastructure, where nothing is left to chance. Which is why the Maritime and Coastguard Agency trusts BT One to provide the backbone for its voice, network and radio communications infrastructure.

BT Everyday Lives - Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Meet Anthony, a volunteer coastguard rescue officer with HM Coastguard. He explains why a reliable communications network is vital to ensure everybody can work effectively together as a team to help save lives.

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Connecting the Games and enabling safer skies

A winning track record with BT Connect

A lot can happen in a second. This summer, BT Connect carried 6.7GB of data every second, as the London 2012 Olympic Games experience travelled on our tried and trusted intelligent network. While a new Olympic record of 9.63 seconds was set in the men’s 100 metres, BT was setting records of its own. There was a 25% increase in video traffic across the whole BT network when Bradley Wiggins won gold for Team GB. At the same time 1150TB of data was sent over the period of the Games, enough to cover the entire Olympic Park with A4 sheets of paper, 1,500 times over.

A second is pretty important in air traffic control too. Just ask NATS – they deal with it in split seconds. Which is why they trusts the same intelligent network, BT Connect, to safely and securely handle up to 175,000 air traffic movements every month for NATS.

More people flying safely, an enhanced service, substantial operational savings and more happy homecomings.


By using a converged network, and virtualising services wherever possible, complexity and energy consumption were dramatically reduced.

- Tim Boden, Business Technology Director in the BT London 2012 Delivery Programme

Scaling up for London 2012 and beyond

The most digitally and socially connected Games ever. A lifetime is made up of moments. And when they're magic moments, people love to share them. BT delivered the most digitally and socially connected Games to four billion people this summer.

BT hosted more than 450 million visits to the London 2012 website from 109 million different users, equating to 40 billion page views as people shared successes and stories during London 2012. With up to 55.000 views per second at its peak, that's more than the official websites for the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup 2010. That required a network robust enough to scale up rapidly to accommodate peaks in demand, and scale back down when it was all over.

We also enabled our customers to deal with increased demand while also controlling their costs throughout the busy Games period. BT Contact's pay-as-you-go, fully scalable contact centre solutions and inbound platforms­ offering outstanding reliability and capable of processing 1,000 calls per second -mean that our customers will continue to enjoy lasting cost and service benefits well beyond 2012.


A well-respected safe pair of hands is critical. Delivering the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games without BT would simply have been inconceivable."

-Sebastian Coe, Chair, London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

Experience to inspire generations

It's the same range of everyday technology solutions from BT Compute that empowers Tim to transform the way he teaches children at Sheringham Primary School in Norfolk.

Every pupil and teacher has a single sign-in to access their school desktop from any device, anywhere, any time. Meanwhile the kids' heads are in the Cloud, literally, as they use BT's secure On Demand Compute virtual data centre to engage with the world and collaborate and connect with their classmates.

Simple systems equate to fantastic learning opportunities. And they allow the council to concentrate educational resources where they're needed most. Together, BT Compute and Tim are also helping Norfolk Council with the maths. Valuable savings of £2-4 million all add up.

BT Everyday Lives - Norfolk County Council

Meet Tim, a teacher at Sheringham Community Primary School in Norfolk. He explains how BT technology has enabled the pupils to work more effectively and develop their ability to work as a team.

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London 2012 legacy research summary overall

PDF - 230 KB

BT’s latest London 2012 survey looking at the legacy impact of the Games

London 2012 legacy research summary public sector

PDF - 255 KB

BT’s latest London 2012 survey, looking at the legacy impact of the Games for the Public Sector

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