The business case for cloud

The business case for cloud security

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Ovum point of view on the journey to the cloud:

Hidden from most people on the street, a global cybersecurity arms race is now underway. According to Ovum estimates, in 2016 alone and across both private and public organisations, this race is driving expenditure on security to more than £26.7bn ($37bn).

Digital transformation is a major trigger for security investment. Fewer than one in five enterprises believe they have harnessed security, identity or privacy in today’s digital world, per Ovum research. The business of security is increasingly complex as organisations support more nomadic working environments, more diverse digital interactions (including the growing chatter from the Internet of Things) and more informal technology stakeholders with the rise of shadow IT.

In this evolving security landscape, the profile of cloud security is rising fast. This is because it offers an elegant and adaptive solution to many emerging challenges. Logically, as the cloud delivery model is favoured for a wider range of ICT services, so cloud-based security should also offer the best protection.

Why Cloud Security?

As more organisations use hybrid cloud environments they reap powerful benefits from on-demand virtualised resources, but they also become more vulnerable to attack. Most common attacks are distributed denial of service, phishing and unauthorised data access.

Uncontrolled growth of cloud services – the phenomenon of shadow IT – among lines of business staff creates further challenges. Even if public cloud applications are allowed, policies need to be enforced about usage, password management and encryption. This is why investment in security continues to grow, but priorities and protection methods are evolving.

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The business case for cloud security

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