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Work smarter with Cisco unified communications and collaboration

Our BT One portfolio includes One Cloud Cisco and One Collaborate to enable secure unified communications that improve collaboration between your colleagues, customers and suppliers. It uses Cisco’s powerful unified communications platforms to bring you a solution that will change the way you work.

One Cloud Cisco reduces the cost and risk of switching from your old, outdated systems to the latest communication tools by using the connections you already have in place. As well as making the whole process simpler, it helps you make the most of your existing investments too.

Our portfolio is enhanced by the addition of One Collaborate Spark. One Collaborate Spark is a cloud-based collaboration and business messaging service using Cisco Spark and building on Cisco WebEx. WebEx is a collaboration tool that brings together audio and video while enabling you to share documents or applications and create your own virtual meeting room. Spark compliments the WebEx service by enabling you to message, meet, share, whiteboard and call across any device, and will be integrated with our cloud UC platform, One Cloud Cisco, to provide enhanced voice services.
As a cloud collaboration service, you only pay for what you need, when you need it. It also leaves your IT people free to focus on the tasks that improve your business — rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day monitoring and maintenance.


Our One Cloud Cisco service means you can:

  • Choose how you collaborate, with a full range of unified communications tools such as HD voice to make your audio calls and conferences more productive.
  • Give your customers a better service by managing front and back office together with our contact centre capability.
  • Save time - make decisions quicker and get products to market earlier by managing your internal and external resources through instant messenger (IM) and presence.
  • Predict costs, with a single global price per user type and optional no term contract.
  • Reduce the cost of business travel, with HD video to make your virtual meetings more effective and free up your people’s time — helping them to work more productively and gain a better work-life balance.
  • Make the most of your existing investments by working with the systems you already have, and integrating with applications from Microsoft, IBM and Google for Work to let you collaborate with wider groups of people – We have a range of option s to enable One Cloud Cisco to work hand in hand with Microsoft Skype for Business.
  • Get new tools up-and-running faster, at a reduced cost by using your existing connections and shared access within our network.
  • Access data centres around the world — with server space in North America, UK and Asia Pacific (combined with our global IP Connect network), we can link your organisation to wherever your users are.
  • Make your business more resilient, with geographically separated dual data centres that helps keep your users in touch no matter what happens.
  • We provide a full service wrap and one stop shop, including a managed helpdesk.

You can also build a team of mobile workers, with One Cloud Cisco giving your people access to business applications on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. We can provide you with comprehensive BYOD services — improving the user experience, and making sure you can access data securely.

One Collaborate Spark in our collaboration portfolio

One Collaborate Spark strengthens our collaboration portfolio with the addition of project / team-based, communication and business messaging tools.

While WebEx, part of One Collaborate web, continues to be our prime collaboration offer, Spark Messaging and Meetings enables effective room, team or project based collaboration, and provides pre and post meeting support for advanced WebEx users.

Why consider a Spark Board.

A Spark Board replaces all the typical clutter of a standard meeting room, such as projector, flipchart, spider phone and whiteboard, and enables better collaboration by letting you:

  • Whiteboard and share with any Cisco Spark application or Cisco Spark Board.
    • With wireless presentation sharing through Cisco Spark applications.
    • Calls and screen sharing with other Cisco Spark users and devices.
    • Calls to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based endpoints and SIP-based video conferencing bridges.
  • Pair and control the Cisco Spark the Cisco Spark Board.

Spark and Spark Board interoperate with standards based endpoints that can dial a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) address.

The details

Cloud collaboration specifications.

The platform.

One Cloud Cisco is a scalable, cloud-based unified communications service. It gives you the opportunity to dramatically reduce your upfront investment costs. Plus it helps your business to adopt unified communications at a pace that suits you.

Moving your communications tools to the cloud can cause concerns over security, so we give you access to some of our BT Security services. These offer you expert resources, such as Business Optimisation Analysts and Voice Security Engineers. And it gives you 24x7 surveillance to make sure your cloud infrastructure remains secure.

To protect your business continuity, we pair our data centres across geographically separate locations. This keeps your systems running even if disaster strikes in a particular location.

The network.

We connect you to our data centres using our network services. And One Cloud Cisco sits at the core of our network, so existing customers can ‘switch on’ the service in half the time — and at lower cost. The shared access also lets you connect to our other cloud platforms, and will connect to One Collaborate Cisco to enable global breakout from the Cisco Cloud and inclusive calls between Spark or WebEx and your One Cloud Cisco users.


The Cisco Jabber client allows your users to collaborate whether they’re working in the office, from home or on the move. It also gives them the opportunity to use multiple devices and operating platforms — running on Windows and MAC desktops and laptops, as well as iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

User types.

One Cloud Cisco has three main user options: Voice, Collaborate and Anywhere. You can use these in any combination, across individuals, teams or locations. You also have the option to add further collaboration tools, including WebEx and Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR)—allowing your people to work together even more effectively.

One Collaborate Spark offers a range of subscriptions, starting from basic functionality for free, through to basic and advanced meetings.

Via the Spark app, users can audio and video call to other Spark users via VOIP, reducing communication costs. And when enabled Spark subscribers who are also One Cloud Cisco users will be able to call, or be called by PSTN users with inclusive on-net calls. Plus, users will also benefit from reduced cost for international calls by using One Cloud’s local in country breakout.

High quality voice is assured due to our QoS enabled global network, providing a great user experience. By introducing Cisco Spark we've improved our collaboration portfolio. Our solution brings together our traditional networks and services into a single solution. Easy to use and seamless

Spark Board.

Currently available as a 55”option, with a 70” version coming later in 2017.

  • 4K resolution display gives users great clarity for detailed images and diagrams.
  • Full touch screen to allow for more interactive collaboration.
  • Equipped with 12 microphones to deliver a great sound experience.

Integration with Microsoft and other applications.

Our Hybrid Integration professional services package is designed help you bring your communications investments together, in the most cost effective and straight forward way possible for a much more responsible and seamless user-experience. E.g. we have a range of options to integrate One Cloud Cisco with Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync) at a number of levels to suit your requirements.

A solution for the future.

We take care of all the upgrades in our data centre, so you don’t have to set money aside for future updates.

BT One Voice global VPN.

Connecting One Cloud Cisco to our global VPN can save multinationals 25 per cent on international calling.

BT Connect Applications.

We can make sure your people get a great user experience by ensuring your network handles voice and video efficiently — encouraging them to use the technology, and helping you to achieve business objectives.

Our portfolio of Connect applications gives you the ability  to get the most from every application across your network.


Where can I use One Cloud Cisco and Spark?

One Cloud Cisco is available globally with dual data centre deployments in the US, Europe and APAC.

We scale each of our two regional data centre deployments to support the whole user community in the region.

We’ve also designed the service with a modular approach, giving you access to additional servers and storage whenever and wherever you need them.

Spark, initially available in the UK and US, will be rolled out more widely in line with customer requirements.

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Transform the way you connect with collaboration solutions from BT and Cisco

Cisco unified communications (UC) give your teams the freedom to be productive from anywhere, on any device. Available as one of our Cisco cloud services using Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) or as an on-premises solution, Cisco UC lets you access presence, instant messaging, voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing.

Drive business critical transactions with Connect Applications

High-performing business-critical applications can boost revenue, increase brand loyalty and ensure business processes are completed efficiently. In today’s world, however, applications travel through a very complex delivery chain with many influencing factors on performance. BT can manage this complexity and help you understand and optimise the end-user experience of applications.

  • Transform the way you connect with collaboration solutions from BT and Cisco
    Transform the way you connect with collaboration solutions from BT and Cisco
  • Drive business critical transactions with Connect Applications
    Drive business critical transactions with Connect Applications
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