Optimising your IT for growth in the cloud

Optimising your IT for growth in the cloud

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The shift to cloud

Hybrid cloud

Every organisation knows about the benefits of the cloud – more flexibility, less cost; more computing capacity, applications and services available on demand, as well as less capital tied up in maintenance-hungry systems on the premises. And as more and more businesses make the move to cloud it is now seen as a critical enabler for enterprise IT delivery.

However, while cloud adoption is an expanding part of IT organisations’ strategies, and IT leaders are growing more sophisticated in how they think about cloud; relatively few organisations have truly advanced levels of cloud maturity. While nearly 68 percent of organisations are using cloud to help drive business outcomes, only 3 percent of the companies currently have an ‘optimised’ cloud’ strategy, but are the ones seeing the most significant business benefits (i).

The shift to cloud is well underway

So while the shift to cloud is well underway, the challenge for forward thinking organsations is how to fully exploit the choices on offer whilst ensuring the cloud services you are running work together seamlessly and securely providing the best outcomes for your business, and best experience possible for your people.

(i) Cloud Going Mainstream: All Are Trying, Some Are Benefiting; Few Are Maximizing Value, IDC/BT/Cisco, 2016

The problem

Security, network and skills

IT needs to help organisations be more agile, flexible and efficient, whilst reducing complexity and cost. However, as IT and communications networks evolve over time, often through piecemeal deployments, mergers and upgrades, they are rarely as efficient and flexible as they should be. The result is often a mixed IT environment. A balance of new cloud-based services, and older legacy IT platforms in your own data centre that still need to be managed.

How then can organisations avoid the consequence of duplicated IT estate that is disconnected and often more costly to manage than before? How can you connect and control these cloud and non-cloud environments seamlessly and securely? And how do you make sure you have the right skills to manage these environments most effectively?

That’s why a practical solution is to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy, combining public and private cloud services with an intelligent network and in-built security. This approach allows orgnaisation to transistion to the cloud at their speed whilst ensuring flexibility and compliance.

How we can help

Choice and control in the cloud

Our Cloud of Clouds strategy is a powerful combination of cloud services, IT integration skills, global network and professional security expertise. It means you can connect easily and securely to the applications and data you need, wherever they’re hosted and wherever your users are based. Our networking vision and roadmap will help IT leaders extend all the flexibility and agility of the cloud to their global communications infrastructure to make sure their network can enable their growing cloud consumption.

Our aim is to help you exploit the many benefits of cloud, faster whilst ensuring you still have choice and control with peace of mind that everything will run seamlessly together. We can help advise you on a hybrid cloud strategy that is tailored for your business, migrate services and applications to the cloud, put the infrastructure and security in place and give an end-to-end service to manage it.

With changing market conditions, business demands and customer expectations, we also seek to future proof your business. Our Cloud of Clouds strategy creates the enviornment for moving to platform based business models. By 2018 more than 50 per cent of large enterprises will create and/or partner with industry platforms (i). For those who are digital innovators and fast followers, platform based business models, using cloud services as the foundation, are already part of their business strategy. Rather than start from scratch, our ready-made Personalised Compute Management System (PCMS) ‘business-platform-as-a-service, allows organisations like yours to seize opportunities now to compete in these fast growing digital markets, both consumer and business to business.

(i) Platform economy: Technology-driven business model innovation from the outside in, Accenture, 2016.

Key products

Leading ecosystem of cloud services

BT Cloud Compute - for organisations who want to reduce their costs and move from a CAPEX to OPEX model, we offer IT “as a service”. Our pre-provisioned infrastructure as a service is pre-connected to our network in more locations than any other telco provider offering high levels of service performance with lower latency, along with a choice of pre-pay or utility-based pricing so costs are kept under control.

BT Private Compute - for organisations who cannot make full use of public cloud for reasons of security or because of bandwidth limitations, we offer private, dedicated cloud data centre infrastructure services set aside for your exclusive use (and the security reassurance that comes with that). It can be managed by BT in one of our 48 state of the art data centres, or managed by you in your own data centre. We also give you the power to ‘cloud enable’ your existing infrastructure and connect them to our network of cloud-enabled data centres for extended global reach and additional capacity.

BT Personalised Compute management System (PCMS) - for organisations who want to accelerate the digitalisation of their products and services, we offer a ready-made standards based “Business Platform-as-a-Service” - one of the first of its kind in the market. We can enable you to design, build and launch your choice of digital services, speeding up your time to market and simplifying your digital transformation.

Hybrid cloud consulting - for organisations who are optimising their IT, we offer consulting, integration, testing and management capabilities to ensure you’re maximising the benefits of the cloud. We can guide you on your cloud journey to mitigate risk and make sure your transition is smooth, integrating public and private cloud as well as traditional services seamlessly, and supporting your application migration to make sure you get the best possible performance from your cloud services.


At first we thought the cloud journey would have been too risky and costly, but BT managed our expectations all the way and right-sized us accordingly.”
- James Neilson, Chief Digital Officer, Formwize

BT services are a lifeline for our business and the key to our future success. BT adapts seamlessly to our changing needs and never penalises us for things outside the norm. That shows the strength of our partnership.”
- Garry May, Vice President, Data Centre Management, CEVA Logistics

Cloud of Clouds

Cloud of Clouds

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