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BT IAM consulting services

Protect your organisation

Enable individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons

The exponential data growth, changing the way we work, and new security challenges around data require a new security approach. To be confident that your data and intellectual property are safe, you need to know that your applications can only be accessed by those who have the authority.

Our managed identity and access management service currently holds more than 40 million customer identities and handles approximately 2.5 million authentication and authorisation requests daily. The broad experience we have puts us in a unique position to help you with any identity and access management challenge you might have.

Our consulting service has a simple approach to answering the simple question: is the access to your data managed properly?

Our approach covers 4 key areas within identity and access management:

  • Identity and governance: we’ll carry out an assessment of your current identity governance and define a design that supports your organisation’s strategy.
  • User administration & provisioning: allows you to manage the full digital identity lifecycle including creation, update and removal of all user access, whilst improving business processes with workflow automation, delegated administration or self-service features for end-users.
  • Identity federation & single sign-on: provides you with roadmaps and best practices to share digital identities between different organisations or systems with policies implemented to enforce security across your systems.
  • Privileged account management: evaluates the current maturity of your accounts, identifies strategy and designs the best solution for your customers.


Controlling access to your resources is crucial to business success

We have some key recommendations that will enable you to implement a robust identity access management programme.

  • Take on a risk-based approach to identity and access management.
  • Define controls that will enforce security across your organisation.
  • Ensure your identity governance model supports your organisation’s strategy.
  • Ensure your security procedures do not inhibit a positive end user experience.

How we can help

Controlling access and identity management can be challenging

Allowing people to access a variety of resources is not always easy. Not just for employees and users, but also for those who manage it. It’s about enabling the right people to access the right resources at the right time for the right reasons.

We recognise the challenges organisations are facing and we’ve got the right expertise and resources to help you implement a robust identity and access management programme.

BT can help you to:

  • Simplify the user experience with single sign-on authentication.
  • Match compliance requirements (PCI-DSS, SOX, GDPR) through comprehensive access reviews.
  • Provide seamless user access to all cloud and on premise applications without lowering their level of security.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce operating costs with self-service and access request fulfilment automation.
  • Reduce risk of inappropriate access and fraud by monitoring and controlling privileged account access.
  • Build, integrate and support vendor solutions for centralised user authentication and federation services, to build trust both inside and across enterprises.