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Secure your network with reliable, scalable, flexible DDI

DDI technologies are foundational to IP networks; without DDI, the network is unusable. However, DDI technologies are very complex and can be burdensome to maintain and manage. The BT Diamond IP IPAM Managed Service provides servicing of IPAM functions and administration to ease the burden on your IT organisation. Our managed service approach enables you to retain focus on network initiatives whilst relying upon the skills and expertise of BT Diamond IP managed services to support your foundational DDI functions.

The Sapphire Infrastructure Management (SIM) services component provides management of deployed IPAM/DHCP/DNS infrastructure, namely BT’s Sapphire appliances. This includes the tasks of the monitoring, troubleshooting, resolution, and patching or upgrading your deployed Sapphire appliances. The incremental IPAM application layer service builds on and incorporates the underlying SIM service features to provide the full IPAM managed service for managing IP address, subnet, DHCP and DNS configuration moves/adds/changes (M/A/C). The BT Diamond IP managed IPAM services are ISO-27001 and ISO-9001 certified. These certifications acclaim BT Diamond IP as a model managed services organisation and lends credible independent validation on the quality, security and management practices of the BT Diamond IP managed services.

Where possible we needed to adopt a zero-touch process, enabling IP addresses to be distributed and embedded directly within the IT infrastructure.”
- Anthony Lackey, Communications Services Consultant, Unum.

The benefits

ISO-certified secure, robust managed services

  • BT Diamond IP is ISO-27001 and ISO-9001 certified as a reliable, secure managed services organisation
  • Provides effortless lifecycle management for Sapphire DDI appliances including system administration, backups, monitoring, troubleshooting, issue resolution, patches and upgrades.
  • Proactive notification of alerts affecting your IPAM infrastructure with resolution status and results.
  • Scheduled feature upgrades included providing continual usability and functionality benefits
  • Reduced DDI management lifecycle costs
  • DDI moves, adds and changes enable disciplined change control and accurate IPAM record keeping
  • 24 X 7 X 365 access to our managed services center for questions, changes requests, or incident reports and status


Managed services availability

Our managed IPAM services are available globally.

BT Managed IPAM services