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Managed Web Security

Protect your organisation

Protect your organisation with Managed Web Security from BT.

As a number of high profile attacks remind us - a security breach can happen to anyone, at any time. Defending your organisation against internet-based threats is increasingly complex as malware becomes ever more sophisticated. Failure to adequately protect your business could lead to loss of data, revenue, brand reputation, and customer loyalty.

With operations in over 180 countries supporting some of the world’s largest companies, from financial institutions to pharmaceuticals, we have a unique perspective on cyber-crime. We know that a successful email attack can happen anytime.

So we’ve built a team of 2,500 experts who are constantly watching, learning, predicting and responding to threats to protect us and our customers.  

Reduce risk, ensure your web security is professionally managed by BT. Find viruses, malware and inappropriate content before it can be exposed to your users or systems as our managed service assesses and vets every web page visit or service called from your organisation.

  • Control and audit who has permissions to visit website and when, through our online portal.
  • We offer the choice of a cloud based service or a managed on premise solution and provide global support around the clock.
  • We provide scalable solutions based on tried and tested designs and implementations that provide enhanced reliability.
  • We ensure that your security policy is enforced giving you the best chance to respond quickly to the latest threats.
  • We can protect you from malware entering the network, and loss of data from the network, through our industry leading SSL decryption technologies.
  • We will help you as you adopt Cloud based capabilities, so you can migrate at a pace that suits you, from physical to virtual technologies.
  • We collaborate with the brightest, leading edge security innovators to bring you the best available technology, future-proofing your investment and maximizing your protection.


Effective web protection improves the security of your business.

To improve your security, we recommend that you:

  • Ensure you can manage in real-time, who visits which websites, and when, with a full audit trail.
  • Protect your organisation against rapidly-changing web threats and unclassified sites.
  • Avoid a web security solution which has latency issues or resilience issues due to the network it’s travelling over.
  • Consider outsourcing the management of your web security so that it is well designed, configured, and supported 24x7 around the world.
  • Enable a scalable solution which allows secure and controlled access to the internet and an improved experience when users access the web.

How we can help

Managing your global web protection in-house can be complex and costly.

We know the key challenges managing a web protection capability. That’s why by working with us, we can help you to:

NEW: Control who and what connects to your network

With thousands of endpoints and devices connected to your network, you need to know who or what is connecting, where they are and how they are behaving once access is granted. Hackers can gain entry to the enterprise by infiltrating a port on the network used by seemingly harmless devices, such as a printer. You need to be able to detect and neutralise threats on your network access endpoints before they can infiltrate deeper or introduce malware.

Thanks to our newly launched solution, we can provide a vendor-neutral solution to audit, categorise, control, and orchestrate your network endpoints, allowing you to determine - by setting up appropriate policies - how all devices connecting to your network are managed.

Maintain security policy

Designing, configuring, and maintaining a solution to enforce your corporate web policy is a complex task. Deploying this globally is yet another challenge. Misconfigurations could mean that your policy is not enforced and your networks are vulnerable to attack. Our service ensures consistent deployment and management.

Keep your protection up to date

New websites appear every minute. If you don’t have real time protection you can’t assess these new websites against a database of “known” risk, and they may therefore pose a threat to your organisation or breach corporate policy. We manage the updates to the service to ensure you are protected.

Provide granular control of web access

You need to provide different web access rights for different user groups. Integrating your web security solution with your existing corporate directory can be a difficult job and involve several disparate teams within the business. If this is not integrated then approvals and access are delayed, impacting on performance and productivity. Our service helps you to achieve this.

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