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Connect to Euroclear’s EasyWay service using BT Radianz

What is EasyWay and how can I access EasyWay using BT Radianz?

EasyWay is Euroclear’s intuitive web-based tool connecting you with Euroclear services. As Euroclear is a provider on the BT Radianz Cloud it means you can use BT Radianz to connect to the EasyWay service.

What are the benefits of using BT Radianz to connect to EasyWay?

  • Access the EasyWay service using your existing BT Radianz Cloud connection
  • Rapid lead time to connect if no new infrastructure is required, with little disturbance to your existing service.

What is the BT Radianz Cloud?

  • The world’s largest secure networked financial community. BT Radianz Cloud supports many thousands of financial customers globally, providing connectivity to over 400 of the world’s leading financial service providers including brokers, exchanges, market data sources, analytics, clearing firms, and other financial services providers.
  • Comprehensive access to content, applications and services across the entire trading cycle for all asset classes. BT Radianz consolidates all of your external market connectivity on to a single connection, simplifying integration, while ensuring fast, secure and reliable access to service providers and trading partners
  • The BT Radianz Cloud forms part of BT’s ‘cloud of clouds’ vision to give firms greater control over how they use cloud-based applications and services. BT’s cloud of clouds approach combines organisations’ needs for choice, flexibility and security with a services provider that knows how to make it work together. Based on secure, managed connectivity spanning public and private clouds as well as third party cloud providers, BT’s cloud of clouds approach helps organisations integrate and manage all their cloud services in a seamless manner, delivering end-to-end application performance and efficiency.

How do I get a BT Radianz connection?

Enquire now or contact your BT Account Manager to learn more about BT Radianz Services.