Understanding your customers

Understanding your customers

CRM solutions

The reality

Contact centres are changing rapidly

Consumers’ expectations are changing. With new technology to hand in the form of smartphones and tablets, your customers now demand more from your contact centres. By using the latest cloud technology, you can meet that demand — improving your customer experience and keeping your organisation one step ahead of your competition.

The problem

We all need to understand our customers’ expectations

Your customers look for:

  • a consistent, high-quality service whenever they contact you — no matter where they are in the world
  • a quick answer to their query — whether from an agent or via self-service, and even during peak contact times
  • the convenience of choosing how they get in touch with you, using a range of channels from video calls to social media.

What it means for you

The ‘call centre’ as you once knew it is dead. You’re now moving from a simple, voice-based contact centre set-up to a customer experience centre — a hub that provides your customers with easy links and collects business intelligence for your organisation.

However, giving your agents the tools and information to do all of this, all of the time, can be complicated and costly — especially when you have multiple customer contact centres located around the world.

You have to find a way of meeting customer demand, without increasing the costs of customer relationship management (CRM).

How we can help

Research suggests cloud contact is well suited to demanding consumers

Moving your contact centres to the cloud allows you to:

  • deliver a consistent, high-quality service by managing all of your contact centres as if they were one
  • meet customer demand by scaling the number of agents (and the tools they use) up and down as needed
  • make contact convenient for your social customers by offering them new ways of getting in touch, from video calls to social media.

The cloud contact centre has come of age — and now it’s time for your organisation to make the most of it. Follow your customers’ lead by using new technology to make better connections.

We can help you on your journey to the cloud. Our solutions and professional services make the consolidation of your cloud contact centre simple. We’re a leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service for Western Europe because of our ability to envision and put in place the right solutions for your organisation.

Our research

Find out more about what your customers expect from your organisation — and how you should transform your contact centre to meet their demands — with our latest research.

Autonomous Customer 2015: On hold for Intelligent Customer Service

See how changes in consumer behaviour affect expectations and the service your contact centres deliver.

Autonomous Customer 2015 research with Nicola Millard

Nicola Millard gives an overview of how consumers are changing and what are the pressures for organisations delivering customer experiences and customer services. A sample of 5000 customers over 10 global markets are evaluated.

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Social Media: Serving the social customer

See how to meet your customers’ demand for new ways to get in touch with you. Or — as Dr Nicola Millard puts it — how to look good on the ‘social dance floor’.

Social Media: Serving the social customer

Dr Nicola Millard shows you why you need to make the most of social media as a channel into your contact centre — as well as how to use it as a way to improve the customer experience.

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Executive summary

Discover more — download the executive summary or take a look through the full report.

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  • We have the full range of contact centres and applications to meet your customer’s expectations for excellent customer services, and we’ve got the experience and reach to give your customers that experience globally.
  • BT is shown as a leader in the 2015  Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service for Western Europe



Autonomous Customer 2015


On hold for Intelligent Customer Service

Serving the social


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