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The art of connecting is performing anywhere

The art of connecting is performing anywhere

Today we can bring wi-fi into shops to make online ordering easier. We can give doctors information on the move so they can spend more time with patients. And we can cut queues at banks by giving staff the tools to answer queries more quickly.

The benefits of making your business more mobile are clear. But you don’t want your mobile costs to soar. And you can’t compromise on security.

Think like an artist to set your people free.  The Art of Connecting isn’t just about technology. It’s about combining insight and imagination to realise its potential.

When it comes to mobility, we have the tools to help your people work wherever they work best. Securely, flexibly and cost-effectively. And we can tailor those tools to your business, your devices and your security policies.

Partner with us and we can help you:

See your mobile costs more clearly (and manage them). We’ve created a range of tools that help you keep track of the data you’re using globally and locally. You can find out how many devices you really have; make sure you’re paying the right amount; optimise your service; and check whether you’re on the best tariffs.

Optimise your network, wherever you are. We bring together products and services so you can; have unified communications on the move; and remove the complexity (and cost) of managing multiple suppliers, contracts and invoices.

Secure your network to a level even the UK’s Ministry of Defence approves of. We’ve worked with the Armed Forces to secure their emails, attachments and calendars. So we can do the same for you.

If you’re ready to set your people free and boost productivity, get in touch to hear more about what we can do to help.

Optimise your mobile service to cut costs

The increasing use of smartphones is prompting many to look at mobile device management to control costs more effectively. The light bulb lit up for Thor Grefslie at CGG, a global geoscience company with over 9,800 staff in more than 70 locations, when he saw that clear corporate policies held the key to managing mobile spending.

Now providing Thor with innovative tools for controlling costs, BT Managed Mobility Expenses includes an intuitive web portal and professional services for mobility sourcing, initially in six countries in EMEA and the Americas.

The BT solution addresses Thor's needs to identify, understand and manage mobile costs, as well as continually optimising the company’s mobile fleet. The magic touch comes from inbuilt tricks that automatically enforce the corporate mobility policies he’s set. Meanwhile predicting mobile spending using recent trend data gives Thor instant intelligence to keep things on track.