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Breaking down the barriers to a future in the clouds


06 May 2016

Neil Lock

Blogs by author: Neil Lock, Vice President Compute, BT.


Organisations are missing out on the business potential of the cloud. Here’s how we can remove the obstructions that are stopping people taking up the tech.

It’s well understood that the cloud offers organisations new opportunities to work more productively and reduce costs. But the complex nature of business needs — especially across different territories or when integrating different types of services into one solution — makes it difficult to apply the advantages of cloud. Until now, that is…

With the latest advancements in our Compute Management System (CMS), we have a way to help you systematically cut out complexity and overcome the typical barriers to making the most of the cloud.

This is possible thanks to three key features of CMS:

1. Vast geographic choice combined with global consistency.
2. Central control of local delivery.
3. Extension of the hybrid concept to your own (and third-party) assets and services.

Vast geographic choice combined with global consistency.
With CMS, you can manage your infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and application delivery services from a single point of control. And we can deliver these services to you locally from a choice of more than 20 countries, across five continents.

Local delivery reduces the technical and legal complexity of deploying cloud services, helping you handle scenarios such as:

• where regulatory requirements don’t allow your data to leave the country
• when you require low latencies
• where you want to avoid currency risks
• where you like to get local support.

With our CMS-based cloud services, these are no longer issues you need to worry about — making your business case for cloud much stronger.

Central control of local delivery.
CMS gives you full, central control of your cloud services and fundamentally improves your IT governance — giving you a direct grip on local IT systems, services, policies and consumption.

All of the products and services that you can access through our CMS platform work with central user-rights management, self-definable templates and private catalogues. You can delegate rights to local administration if you want to — but as the central authority you always stay in control.

Extension of the hybrid concept to your own (and third-party) assets and services.
Not everything can be, or should be, done in the cloud or even off-premises. But you do need your cloud and non-cloud services to be able to talk to each other. And CMS does just that.

Firstly, our non-cloud services like BT Private Compute or BT Telehousing are hosted side-by-side with our cloud delivery zones in the same data centres around the world. This makes them ideal companions for seamless hybrid designs.

Secondly, our CMS platform is designed to connect all of our assets — cloud and non-cloud — with your own IT assets, wherever they’re hosted. Critically, it also connects with more than 200 pre-connected third-party data centres, as well as popular cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Salesforce.com, Amazon Web Services and more. CMS helps you create and orchestrate your Cloud of Clouds to the specific requirements of your individual business needs.

From barriers to business.
With CMS we remove many of the major barriers stopping you from adopting cloud services. It strengthens central IT governance and simplifies the creation of your customised and fully-integrated Cloud of Clouds — across any borders. This means your talent can focus on the business instead of the barriers.

If you’re looking to use the cloud to create a better business then take a look at our website.