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Find out why the mobile multiplier is vital to business


14 November 2016

Global Services

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An independent survey of over 1,500 office workers reveals some interesting insights into how the modern workplace can be a more productive and satisfying place.

The mobile multiplier.

The mobile multiplier describes how employees are more productive if they have a good experience of working on the go.

So the more your people enjoy mobile working, the more benefits your business will see.

But to achieve this, there needs to be a change in the way that people work outside the office.

The new normal.

As working on the go becomes increasingly common in all types of organisations, the findings of our latest mobile working research will become more and more important for how people work in the near future.

Ultimately, it’s time for businesses to get behind a step-change in their productivity and make sure that they have the apps, data and security to make working on the go a breeze for employees.

The five trends.

Our research was extensive, and there were few differences across age and sector, suggesting that this is an area all organisations can benefit from.

The five main trends we uncovered include:
1.The ‘shoulder bag’ worker: how mobile working is becoming more important to employees than a company car.
2.Collaboration on the go: how office workers want better tools on their mobile devices, helping them to communicate more effectively and make better, faster decisions.
3.The mobile multiplier: how helping your employees to enjoy working on the go is good for business.
4.Security uncertainty: why protecting your data and services is a big concern for employers and employees alike.
5.The cost conundrum: how office workers are feeling constrained by cost-concerns when it comes to mobile working.

The rewards are in the research.

For organisations that are looking for ways to get ahead, our research on mobile working has plenty of insights. And its findings are valuable no matter your sector or business size.

Marcus Hickman explains our findings in his video, and explores what the mobile multiplier means for office workers and the organisations that employ them.

Keep an eye out for the next in our series, which will discuss the first of the five findings: the ‘shoulder bag’ worker.

But if you can’t wait, and want to find out more about how your people can work to the best of their abilities in a mobile world, you can download the full report, here.