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22 February 2017

Jonathan Brasnett

Blogs by author: Jonathan Brasnett, Head of Global Mobility & Cloud UC, BT


Even among employees who find mobile working easy, our research shows that there’s still a demand to achieve more, on the go.

Getting more from being on the go.

Stuck on a train without signal? Sat in the same traffic jam every morning? One of the millions of UK workers commuting for hours every day? As more and more of us experience these daily frustrations, mobile working is becoming increasingly popular.

It not only cuts down commuting time, but also makes it easier to work around out-of-office commitments like client meetings. And that’s one of the reasons for the mobile multiplier effect. As Marcus explains in his video, this means the more people who find mobile working easy, the more value and benefits your organisation sees.

Making mobile even easier.

Among workers who are already enjoying mobile working, and find it easy to do, one of the key findings in our research is that these employees rate their mobile network more highly than others and use more data per month. This shows the importance of a fast, reliable and secure network when it comes to working on the go.

Other important factors in creating the mobile multiplier include a leadership team which trusts people to work effectively when outside the office, and access to all work documents and files — something more than half of mobile workers identified as essential.

But even office workers who find mobile working easy want more from their devices — so that they can achieve even greater productivity on the go. For almost three-quarters, IT investment in mobile technology is more important than workplace devices. And many think that better apps, security and data will improve their effectiveness.

So, what more do they need?

The detail is in the data.

More than half of those who already have a good experience of mobile working say that they’d be even more efficient if they could update databases and work processes while they were in the field.

They also pointed out that more secure devices, with in-built access to back office processes and databases would help them to boost productivity.

Mobile working means success for all sectors.

From security firms, to global airlines and the public sector, IT departments are seeing an increased desire to work outside the office. And this is true regardless of business size. As one IT professional commented:

“When it comes to smartphones, the question my colleagues ask is: ‘why can’t I do at work what I can do at home?’. So we’re working to create a secure environment as we know our people want mobile access to databases, processes and communications.”

More on the mobile multiplier.

Our extensive research explores more about the mobile multiplier effect, and how a positive experience of working on the go benefits your people and boosts your productivity.

Take a look at the insights we’ve uncovered and find out how much mobile working could do for your organisation. There’s more in our previous blog on collaboration tools, and keep an eye out for the next one — where we look at how security uncertainty could be holding you back.

Plus, all the information for our blogs is available in the full report, which you can download, here.