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When fixed and mobile came together and everyone won


15 November 2016

Mike Willacy

Blogs by author: Mike Willacy, Senior Marketing Manager, Unified Communications, BT


Discover what will soon be an everyday story of customer experience. Spoiler alert — it has a happy ending. But it could easily go the other way.

Never miss a call.

It’s about Jane. She’s chasing up an order for her new car, which has had factory-fitted options added. She rings Alice, her sales advisor. Alice is on our One Cloud mobile service, which brings mobile and landline calls together to create fixed-mobile convergence.

Among other things, this lets Alice choose whether to take calls on her desk phone or mobile. Today, she’s out of the office, so it’s the mobile. When Jane calls, Alice is tied up. But the call forwards on to her colleague Tom, who’s in the same One Cloud mobile ‘hunt group’. So Jane doesn’t endure the customer experience no-no of an unanswered call.

Strive to surprise.

Tom takes the call. He tries to find the order on the company database through his mobile over 4G. He can’t access the system, but he asks Jane if he can put her on hold while he calls the factory in Singapore. He dials the short code. Even though it’s a mobile call more than halfway round the world, it’s free. That’s because it’s routed to the One Cloud Cisco platform and over the network to the factory’s helpdesk.

The factory tells Tom the car was shipped a week ago, and should be ready for Jane to pick up in two days. Tom tells Jane, then conferences in the showroom so she can arrange to pick up her new wheels on the spot. Everyone’s happy.

It’s easy to see how this could play out differently. Alice and Tom’s employer carries on with separate systems for mobile and fixed line calls. Jane’s first call goes unanswered. Alice is out of reach for the rest of the day, and the next day Jane can’t call again because she’s tied up herself. Frustration mounts, Jane’s temper frays.

Give your people the tools to do the job.

And this matters, because a happy customer is a loyal customer. An old expression, but it’s never been more true. We all want good service. Next-day delivery, no-quibble money back guarantees, click and collect, everything tailored just the way we want it.

And people who pick up the phone when we call and can answer our questions. When businesses drop the ball, we get impatient. And the world gets to hear about it through social media or net promoter scores. So, delivering a great customer experience is important. Great staff are part of the answer, but they need the right tools too.

Talk to us about One Cloud mobile. With over half of employees now working flexibly it can help you keep customers happy, make life simpler and save you money too.