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The internal digital security threat


02 September 2016

Global Services

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When it comes to protecting your organisation from digital crime, are you looking for vulnerabilities in the right place?

Criminal entrepreneurs could be recruiting your people to fraudulently manipulate your systems, steal your data, or extort money from your organisation using DDoS attacks or ransomware. An astounding 96 per cent of businesses admit digital criminals could be bribing their employees — but only 44 per cent of them have prevention measures in place.

Our infographic below reveals the horrifying level of vulnerability organisations currently experience:

KPMG and BT infographic on the digital crime business

Our new report with KPMG, ‘Taking the Offensive – Disrupting Cyber Crime’, gives you a detailed view of the current threat landscape, and practical steps your business can take to stay secure in the face of organised criminal entrepreneurs. Download it here.