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Tip two — broaden your ‘identify and protect’ mindset to include ‘detect, respond and recover’


13 October 2016

Ramy Houssaini

Blogs by author: Ramy Houssaini, Vice President of Security Europe, BT.


Ramy Houssaini knows cyber security inside out. Here’s the second of his ten top tips for keeping your data, and organisation, secure.

Ramy Houssaini's second top tip

Currently, most cyber security investment is put into the perimeter — this is the ‘identify and protect’ mindset. Think firewalls, endpoint security — basically building a defensive barrier to protect your data.

This needs to change.

To stay truly secure in the current cyber threat landscape, you need the ability to ‘detect, respond and recover’. It’s about speed. Giving yourself the ability to quickly find threats that have infiltrated your network, speedily respond to those threats, and then recover rapidly.

The difficult fact that you have to accept is that you will, at some point, suffer from a breach. Once you’ve accepted this, you can start the important work of ensuring that no incident is catastrophic by shifting your investment towards agile response and detection capabilities. Do that, and you’ll be able to move quickly and safely towards digital innovation.

Find out how BT can help you develop the agile response you need to detect, respond and recover.

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