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Why you need to make the most of mobility


02 February 2017

Global Services

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What do major business deals and Angry Birds have in common? You can complete them both from wherever you are, using the latest mobile technology…

Don’t keep your people cooped up
There was a time when to get a major piece of work finished (perhaps a large deal or a time-sensitive project), you had to pull all-nighters at the office. Lock the door — no-one leaves until the job’s done.

Unfortunately, for many people that time still exists — despite the fact that pretty much everyone now has a pocket-sized computer with them wherever they go. Your people could be checking emails on the train. However, they might have to settle for improving their Fruit Ninja skills instead, as many organisations still haven’t worked out how to make the most of mobile technology.

Let your Fruit Ninjas fly
The lack of mobile adoption in organisations makes the growing phenomenon of digital dislocation a problem. Our report shows how three-quarters of business people want easier ways to share information. And half prefer to collaborate with video on smartphone or tablet.

Your people want to work flexibly, using the devices they love. So make the most of that. To help them be productive, you have to improve mobile access to your network. Check out our latest infographic below to see why.

Discover more about digital dislocation — as well as how to make the most of it. Download our latest research report on collaboration technology.