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How to win at digital retail in 2016


26 April 2016

Sarah Moseley

Blogs by author: Sarah Moseley, Head of Customer Innovation, Retail, Aviation & Travel, BT


Smart planning, bold decisions and the right technology will put digital retailers ahead of the pack. Here’s the insight to make this happen.

Taking on the challenges of digital retail.
The digital retail customer in 2016 is a demanding being, expecting the shopping experience to keep pace with the evolution of technology.

This really puts the pressure on the retailer. In fact, the scale of these expectations can be paralysing: where do you start when the pace of change is so fast?

We believe that adopting the right strategy can do more than help you keep pace with the digital consumer’s expectations — it can help you get ahead, so that the experience you offer both delights the consumer now and sets up your business for future demands. And in this blog series, we’ll look in detail at how you can make this happen.

Omnichannel comes of age.
It’s clear that today’s consumer expects a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. Consumers want to jump from channel to channel at their convenience, and take it as a given that your business is set up to keep up.

We’ll investigate how building a strategy that delivers bottom-line benefit, and is appropriate to the omnichannel shopper today, will give you the flexibility to make shifts in line with evolving customer expectations.

Lead to succeed.
Retailers today need to commit to a proactive approach, rather than sitting back and then following trends once they become mainstream. We’ll look at ways you can keep pace with the changing omnichannel landscape and, at the same time, create strong foundations for expansion. This will allow you to increase your market share through investment in systems integration and cross-department involvement. And these foundations will set you up to use omnichannel to make your online trading international.

Up your game.
It’s time to stage a revolution and make the store experience more theatrical to help you make more meaningful connections with your customer. You can take their experience up a level simply by making the most of the data you have about them. And boosting personalisation across the whole retail journey will help to keep them loyal to you. We’ll look at the technology that can make this a reality for your business.

Our digital retail series will show you how you can make all this a reality in 2016: watch out for our infographic , you can read more about digital retail in our point of view section on our website.