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Your attention, please


19 May 2016

Global Services

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Take a look at our infographic — exploring why your business needs to take employees’ attention spans into account.

The science behind people’s attention spans in fascinating. For example, did you know that taking a break after an hour and a half of work, even if it’s just a quick stroll around the office, will improve your productivity? Or that some forms of work will suffer more from distractions than others?

This information is more than just interesting — it could transform how your workplace operates, making your people more efficient, happy and productive.

To explore this idea further, we’ve created an infographic which you can see below. Take a look to find out the numerous ways in which our attention spans affect how we work — and what you can do, as a business, to make the most of this information.

Collaboration Conundrum infographic

To find out more, download our latest research white paper, ‘The Collaboration Conundrum’, written by BT’s Head of Customer Insight and Futures, Dr. Nicola Millard.