Network like never before

Our vision for NFV/SDN/SD-WAN services.

Our vision for network services

We are already deploying NFV/SDN/SD-WAN services and we making the investments to deliver even more in the future.

Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), Software Defined Networks (SDN), Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN). The labels for these emerging technologies can be confusing. Put simply, we’re using software, rather than hardware, to reposition, reinvent and renew the network. In a nutshell, virtual is here and the future network is going to be nothing like what has come before.

Our vision is to deliver you more control over a network which is more adaptable, more flexible and with lower hardware costs. We will enable you to deploy both network and software services in minutes, no matter where you are.

This is more than a vision, these services are a reality today for BT customers with a range of options already delivering benefits. These already include cloud acceleration and security and our Connect Intelligence IWAN service.

You can trust us to guide you through the landscape of virtualised network services with a clear and simple roadmap. Why? Because we’ve been involved since the beginning. We led the research and helped develop policies and standards as a founding member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. We’ve tested vendor equipment, run proof of concepts for our customers, completed trials, and now we’re launching new services. Nobody knows better than BT the need to plan for the future, while building for today. So we’re continuing to invest heavily in R&D to create a new era of networks.

These services need a platform to be built upon. To maximize the benefits you need a global network, with a broad range of private and public network options. You need the ability to deploy hybrid networks with cloud connectivity including direct connectivity to 3rd party providers. You need to have access to a wide range of services beyond the network including voice, data centre and contact centre services. We believe we are the only providers who can offer this complete solution.

Our roadmap

We are investing in delivering the services of the future.

We are investing heavily in delivering these new services, but this isnt new we have been focused on this for years not months. This means that we are already delivering on our vision.

We have already delivered cloud acceleration and security services. We utilise SDN services within our Compute and Apps offering. We are running pilots with our customers and the leading vendors. And we have launched our Connect Intelligence IWAN service. But we have much more we are going to deliver.

We have grouped these in 5 key areas:

Cloud Connect Services – We will launch new 3rd party cloud providers and locations, we will offer faster provisioning of cloud providers and enable configuration or order changes on My Account.

SD-WAN – We will launch an alternate SD-WAN service to Cisco, utilizing a low cost SD-WAN supplier and we will enable customer site configuration for SD-WANs and cloud services on SD-WANs.

Connect Intelligence IWAN – We will Offer IWAN services within the cloud, control of IWAN from My Account and performance based routing on IWAN.

vCPE On clients sites – We will offer the option of deploying non Cisco virtualised services on Cisco devices or an alternate low cost device.

Service – We will offer real time flexing or scheduled flexing of port speeds.

Talk to your BT account team if you want to find  out how these developments can help your organisation.