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Airline technology: Digital transformation in aviation

Supporting digital transformation across the aviation sector

It’s an exciting time of change for airlines. Lower-cost flights and new market entrants have turned the aviation industry on its head. This means that more people than ever now travel by air.

The change challenges airlines to compete in a crowded marketplace. But it also opens up new opportunities to innovate, attract passengers and open up revenue streams.

And to do this, airlines will have to harness the latest technology in several important areas.

Personalise your travel experience

Cheap flights have changed how passengers make their travel plans. See how you can remain competitive, while still providing a service that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Travel Experience of the Future

Today's airline passengers expect a seamless and pain free experience from the minute they start planning a trip. View this video to find out how BT's mobility and collaboration solutions can enhance the customer experience and improve business performance.

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Create an airline that passengers trust

Airline security goes way beyond baggage checks. Find out how you can keep passengers secure from cyber criminals in the digital world.

Help empower your people, wherever they are

Mobile technology allows organisations to be more productive, and encourages people to work from anywhere. Discover why you need to make the most of this to improve services and cut costs.

Increase your speed to market

Innovation allows airlines to deal with the challenge of competition. See how you can differentiate and attract passengers — even as new features quickly become standard.

Be more competitive in the marketplace

Low-cost air travel has created a challenge and opportunity for every airline. Discover how you can deliver the services passengers want, and stay ahead of the competition.

Take a look at the tabs for the five areas to find out how you can use the latest technology to gain a competitive advantage and increase your revenue.

Ready for take off?

Ready for take off?

How smart technology and innovative connectivity are transforming air travel.

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Customer experience for airlines

Customer experience for airlines

Supporting digital transformation across the aviation sector.

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