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Move critical data securely to the cloud, while consistently controlling access to that data to main

The move to cloud-based enterprise services is a key opportunity for the manufacturing industry.  However the main concern is the security around it with the ability to move critical data securely, with a consistent means of controlling access to that data whilst maintaining compliance.

Manufacturing companies are also a target for cyber crime with attacks consistently increasing in frequency and complexity.

We can help you:

Our security expertise, gained with clients in industries such as government, banking and health that are decades ahead of most others, positions us very well to help manufacturing companies to:

  • Benefit from expertise and know-how acquired in industries that have been on the bleeding edge of cyber security for more than a decade
  • See who is on your network and understand any threats they are likely to pose
  • Identify vulnerabilities in your network and applications
  • Identify the source of cyber-threats