BT for Oil & Gas

Designing and managing flexible, cost-efficient communication networks

Oil & Gas

Enabling collaboration across remote and difficult locations

With operations often located far from infrastructure or support, or in environments that give rise to special needs, meeting the communication requirements of oil and gas companies can present major challenges to service providers

See how BT designs and manages networks to meet the unique needs of oil and gas companies so that reserves can be discovered faster and exploited more efficiently, with fewer people in the field exposed to risk and discomfort.

Find out how BT can help you :

Connecting the oil and gas value chain

Find out how BT is enabling, securing and managing the flows of information from exploration and production, through refining and distribution, to marketing, trading and in offices throughout the world.

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  • Accelerate exploration cycles with satellite access to people and systems
  • Manage the peaks and troughs in seismic data processing by load balancing between data centers globally
  • Collect, store and transmit big data reliably and securely
  • Improve decision making with intelligent data analytics
  • Improve the efficiency with which globally distributed teams collaborate
  • Secure the network perimeter, manage firewalls, authenticate users, safeguard data and identify cyber threats
  • Track the location and status of assets and inventory
  • Communicate across geographic, organizational and systems boundaries
  • Reduce travel, emissions and cost
  • Control and manage ICT spend

Video conferencing energises SASOL global expansion

SASOL occupies a fascinating niche in the worldwide energy industry. This video sees Alex Joannou, CIO, telling how a BT telepresence video conferencing network reaches places like South Africa, Calgary, Houston, Hamburg and Milan, helping SASOL achieve sustainable global expansion.

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