Press Release: BT launches ‘Cloud of clouds’– making cloud services integration a global reality

DC15-169 (21 April 2015 )

BT invests to be the cloud services integrator of choice for customers with diversified IT environments

BT today announced a new generation of cloud services that allow large organisations around the world to connect easily and securely to the applications and the data they need, independently of where they are hosted. They will empower customers to integrate and orchestrate the IT resources hosted on their own private clouds as well as on BT’s global cloud platform and on the platforms of other leading cloud providers. The new services take advantage of BT’s global network infrastructure and build on BT’s long standing expertise in the delivery of enterprise-grade cloud services. They rely on innovative technology developed by BT and its partners in the fields of diversified infrastructure management, service management, global network optimisation, application performance acceleration and security.

Cloud of Clouds Design

BT’s ‘cloud of clouds’ vision builds on a roadmap for future service delivery and is underpinned by a wide range of services and industry sector solutions, delivered over BT’s global network infrastructure. The services are managed by customers through a single user-friendly service catalogue, using BT’s new Cloud Management System. They include:

  • IT infrastructure and applications delivered “as a service” to customers across BT’s global network;
  • Seamless provision and integration of cloud and non-cloud services;
  • Integration of private, public and hybrid cloud services to support all the IT needs of customers;
  • Freedom of choice for customers by bringing together the best services in the cloud from BT and from world class partners such as Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Equinix, HP, Interxion, Microsoft and Salesforce [1];
  • Transition to the cloud and a great user experience through global network optimisation, application performance acceleration and management capabilities leveraging proven technology from BearingPoint, Dynatrace, Ipanema, Riverbed and others;
  • Apps from BT allowing the deployment of applications on the cloud and supporting the development of new cloud services;
  • Control and security of customer data to protect information and meet global and local regulations based on the BT Assure portfolio;
  • Support through a globally distributed operations model to deliver the required service level agreement wherever customers operate; and
  • Accelerated transition to the cloud-enabled economy using BT Advise professional services expertise to get the benefits faster.

Melanie Posey, Research Vice President at IDC said: “’One size fits all’ does not apply to cloud services. Enterprises will be operating in diversified IT environments and consuming more and more cloud-based services from a range of providers. Therefore, enterprise customers need heterogeneous cloud frameworks that support a range of solutions tailored to different business requirements. They will want a provider that can serve as a trusted broker -- a partner capable of integrating and managing ‘multi-cloud’ IT estates in a secure fashion. Global network infrastructure and broad ecosystems of third-party solutions are key components of diversified IT environments. As such, BT with its ‘cloud of clouds’ vision is well positioned to guide enterprises into the next-generation of federated cloud IT.”

[1] In the Cloud space, BT already partners with Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Equinix, HP, Interxion, Microsoft and Salesforce and uses technology from BearingPoint, Dynatrace, Riverbed, Ipanema and others. Additional agreements and partnerships with leading providers will be announced in the coming weeks and months. (Salesforce, Salesforce1, AppExchange and others are among the trademarks of, inc.)

Luis AlvarezIn the future digital age, no business will be successful unless it makes the most of the cloud. CIOs ask for choice and flexibility, trusted security and the best know-how in the industry to meet their business challenges. This matches perfectly with our network-centric vision of the ‘cloud of clouds’ and leverages the experience gained through the cloud ecosystems we have already built for the global financial services and life sciences sectors. We’re investing with our partners to bring the widest possible range of options to connect our customers’ critical applications and data, wherever those are hosted, whenever they need them, on whatever device they use. We also aim to provide our customers with a strong end-to-end service level agreement guaranteeing performance, predictability and flexibility. And we have the expertise and capabilities required to defend and protect our customers, providing trust and confidence in the cloud. We aim to be the leading global cloud services integrator.”
- Luis Alvarez, CEO, BT Global Services

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