BT US&C President Bas Burger Featured on KERA’s CEO Show

(24 January 2014)

Bas Burger was recently featured as a guest speaker on KERA’s local television show, CEO, with host Lee Cullum.

Bas Burger Featured on KERA’s CEO ShowBas Burger was recently featured as a guest speaker on KERA’s local television show, CEO, with host Lee Cullum. CEO features chief executives from the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, exploring what it takes to make a company successful in today's global marketplace and leadership styles and ethics.

In this 28-minute interview segment, Bas shares insights on how BT delivers secure and efficient processes and network services globally to multi-national companies. Lee Cullum also probes into topics such as the security of networks, the Internet of Things and how BT operates in the U.S. compared to incumbents AT&T and Verizon.

One area of focus centered around BT’s engagement model – focused on making products more specific to certain industries. For example, BT’s pharmaceutical customers have dedicated BT employees who are concentrated specifically in the pharmaceutical sector. In addition to all of BT’s telecomm and IT products, these people specialize in everything that these customers do.

“We find this model extremely helpful when engaging with customers because you are speaking their language,” said Bas. “It also helps us in the sense that it translates the needs of the customer back to BT in order to effectively build the product.”

Another point of discussion focused on cloud computing – certainly a hot topic in the industry today. Bas explains that cloud computing is often used to explain “flexible usage” of telecommunication infrastructure, hardware, software or services. It places the emphasis on the user – allowing them to put these components into the network to utilize at any time. Companies are looking to the cloud more than ever as a cost-effective way to handle things such as bookkeeping items (paying vendors, handling account receivable, etc.).

“In the future, what you will have is something called the Internet of Things, which is not only the example of the “bookkeeper” using software in the cloud, but also “Things” communicating – machines (anything with an IP address that sends information) talking to machines, machines talking to humans and humans talking to machines,” shared Bas. “All of this will happen in that network (the cloud) and is designed to serve as useful information to the consumer. It’s going to be fascinating.”

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