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Autonomous Customer 2015


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Autonomous Customer 2015 Research: On hold for Intelligent Customer Service

The Autonomous Customer 2015 report covers eight areas of importance to consumers from making their contact centre experience easy, to their appetite for social media as a channel over which to receive customer service, and their concerns over security.

The latest edition of the Autonomous Customer has a new global perspective. Based on the views of 5,500 respondents across Belgium, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), the UK and the USA, it outlines the key trends in consumer behaviour in 2015.

It captures and quantifies consumer attitudes and behaviours based on their interactions with by phone, email, internet self-service, web-chat, social media and video, revealing what the public really want from the organisations they deal with.

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Autonomous Customer 2015 research with Nicola Millard

Nicola Millard gives an overview of how consumers are changing and what are the pressures for organisations delivering customer experiences and customer services. A sample of 5000 customers over 10 global markets are evaluated.

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