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Business transformation in the digital age.

Making the digital possible.

We know the world is changing and it’s changing fast.

Every day, the world’s discovering more – and more amazing – things to do with the technology we’ve created. We are moving, changing, exploring and experimenting. We are becoming bolder, more expressive and more agile.

The digital world is making fundamental changes to how we live and play. But it’s not limited to our personal lives or to consumers. It’s a profound change shift that affects our business lives too.

Digital is being discussed at the board level, in operational teams, as well as in the IT function, in organisations around the world, no matter what industry they are in.

But we see it as more than just a word. It’s the coming together of humans and technology in new ways resulting in fundamental changes in people, teams and organisations.

Why? Because no one has all the answers yet.

According to the World Economic Forum, we’re on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution. It might feel like we’ve been talking about digital for ages, but it’s still in its infancy. Think of the dot com era – it lasted ten years, and the third industrial revolution of electronics and IT lasted 40. We’re only now starting to understand the implications of the digital era.

What’s your digital possible?

We know the world is changing and it’s changing fast. Every day, the world’s discovering more – and more amazing – things to do with the technology we’ve created. We call this the digital possible – the amazing potential of digital to change not just businesses, but also communities, nations and the wider world. What’s your digital possible?

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Who’s driving the digital age, technology or people?

Robot hand with child- The Digital Possible It’s rare that technology invented for technology’s sake is successful. In a consumer-led world, the wheat soon sorts itself from the chaff. Because whatever the technology, it needs to fulfil a human need – be easier to interact with, speed up a process, cheaper, more efficient, or simply more engaging.

But in the digital age, people aren’t just users, they are in the driving seat. The real importance of digital to business is not the emergence of new technology, it’s the empowering of people – employees, customers or consumers – to do amazing things.

Whether it’s the sharing economy, our always on lifestyle or the consumerisation of IT, everyone wants agility, flexibility and speed from their IT. Without compromising on security.

They want art and science. People and technology, coming together in a creative way. Something we’ve been saying for years.

We call this the digital possible – the amazing potential of digital to change not just businesses, but also communities, nations and the wider world.

You are unique.

Children looking into mirror- Digital Possible Customers and employees are becoming more demanding, ecosystems are evolving and the established rules of business economics are changing. Cloud is a key driver of network and IT requirements, and decision making is changing.

Organisations are working in different ways and their customer relationships are changing too. People are still adapting and anticipating as a result. Our customers are no longer asking what digital means, but are transforming their businesses in a digital world.

Organisations are being creative in how they build their business, by bringing together people and technology. But global enterprises are complex organisations. Each one faces a different set of challenges. They’re running to catch up and battling to get ahead.

We believe that an organisation’s digital possible is unique. One organisation’s digital transformation journey is not the same as another’s.

There is no off the shelf solution to digitise a business. It could mean internal transformation such as digitising processes, automation or collaboration between employees. For example faster IP address management at the University of West Georgia took five groups of people up to four days, but now takes one person four minutes.

For financial services leader RSA, collaboration was its digital possible. They wanted 19,000 people to be able to work together under one virtual roof. Freed to do their jobs in fundamentally different ways, people are collaborating globally, improving customer service, reducing costs and maximising productivity.

Or digital transformation could be digitising the customer experience, as it was for Etihad Airways, one of the world’s leading airlines. They wanted to improve the experience of their guests. Calls answered more quickly, the right information made available at guests’ fingertips and if they need to speak to an agent, making sure it’s one that speaks their language.

Or it could be disrupting for growth. Creating new business models.

But whatever digital transformation means for your business, it is an opportunity. The importance of the CIO at boardroom level continues to rise, with 72 per cent of senior IT decision makers reporting that the CIO has become more central in the boardroom over the preceding two years.

Uncertainty is the new certainty.

Office floors through glass window - Digital PossibleThis means that understanding, planning, realising and evolving your own digital possible is quite a challenge.

The future is uncertain. What’s right today might not be right tomorrow. And can you spot the company that will disrupt your industry tomorrow before it does?

Sometimes choice can be a bad thing. Choosing the right flavour of ice cream in an Italian ice cream parlour. It’s tough. But sometimes choice works in your favour. The cloud enables CIOs to make choices rather than decisions. It allows them to adapt, to flex, to change their minds.

Our research tells us that 61 per cent of CIOs are still spending more time maintaining existing IT systems than searching for new solutions. So putting your head above water to examine what innovative ideas might disrupt your business in the future is nigh on impossible. Working with partners enables them to bring new, relevant ideas to you rather than you having to search for them.

So what’s your digital possible?

Men looking at map screen display - Digital PossibleIf digital transformation is complex, there’s no solution because it’s unique to you and it’s uncertain, why is anyone attempting it, let alone embracing it.

People. That’s why. Your customers. Your employees.

We believe people are your competitive advantage. So empower them. Make sure technology works for them, be agile not prescriptive and have one eye to the future.

Getting it right is a combination of years of experience. Of knowing the right question to ask when. To know what matters and what doesn’t.

We build cloud-based IT ecosystems that allow you to connect easily and securely to the applications and data you need, when you need them. That’s the Cloud of Clouds.

Our customers trust us to provide the stability they need to transform. We’ve been there and done that. We know the choices you need to make on the journey ahead. We know that failure simply isn’t an option. And most importantly, we know the power of people and technology together.

We have global reach and local know-how, anchored by our global network and made accessible through our partnerships. Our professional services team can partner with you to stop reinventing the wheel and guide you on your transformation journey in a digital era.

So what’s your digital possible?



The Digital Possible

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