Taking the offensive – Working together to disrupt digital crime.

Taking the offensive – Working together to disrupt digital crime.

Cyber security

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Rethink the digital security threat.

New thinking is required to understand the criminal entrepreneur.

The world’s biggest companies are facing an unprecedented number and variety of digital attacks by ruthless criminal entrepreneurs. Whilst awareness of the threat has never been higher, the majority of businesses do not comprehend the methods and motivations of the attackers, the scale of the threat or indeed how to counter it.

In this joint BT and KPMG report drawn from interviews with multinationals, conversations with our clients and evidence gathered from work carried out by both organizations we set out to give a current perspective of the emerging landscape and our recommendations on how to counter it.

The fight against digital crime does not have to be a losing battle but to be successful against a resourceful, well-funded and determined enemy, businesses must change the way they approach digital security.

Digital crime is rising at an astonishing rate but while businesses are aware of a sharp increase in risk that awareness has not translated into effective action.

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