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Cybersecurity proficiency accelerates enterprise digital transformation


How cyber proficient is your organisation?

Cybersecurity proficiency accelerates enterprise digital transformation

In a new report commissioned by BT and Cisco, IDC surveyed 406 companies across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, to determine how cyber proficient they were.

The findings highlight that in order to undertake a digital transformation journey, organisations require a proficient cybersecurity program.  A program that manages the complex interplay of technology, processes, and people, governed by robust risk management capabilities, and driven by a clear cybersecurity strategy.

To help you, we have launched the IDC Cybersecurity Proficiency Framework which measures an organisation's cybersecurity maturity, preparedness and proficiency.

It is a comprehensive cybersecurity proficiency assessment mechanism and framework that enables organisations to undertake their digital transformation journey in a structured manner.

The framework benchmarks enterprises along five dimensions – strategy, security economics, security worksourcing, people and practices

It categorizes enterprises into one of four stages of cybersecurity proficiency – Basic, Evolving, Competent and Advanced.

To find out how cyber proficient your organisation is, complete our form to download the IDC Cybersecurity Proficiency whitepaper for AMEA.

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