The Collaboration Conundrum

Let’s get together and party... or not?

The Collaboration Conundrum and the impact on business - a WorkShift white paper by Dr Nicola J. Millard.

Let’s get together and party... or not?

It’s the season to be sociable. Time to bring people together, share a drink or two and enjoy a great party. But how does this feeling of togetherness relate to today’s business world?

The advancement of technology has changed the way we work. Today’s smartphones are like little offices in our pockets, enabling us to work wherever and whenever we need to. So why do so many of us still commute in and sit at the same desk every day? In her paper, ‘The Collaboration Conundrum’, Dr Nicola J Millard poses the question: Do we actually need to be together to work together?

The paper looks at the future of work and examines a number of collaboration conundrums – the fact that distance between colleagues reduces trust and cohesion, yet choice on how and where people work increases their wellbeing and individual productivity. So, is there a danger of putting too much emphasis on collaboration? This paper questions the underlying assumptions and reminds us that collaboration is a means to a more productive end.

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Learn about collaboration: what it really means in the modern world, its effect on productivity and how businesses can make it work for them. Who knows, maybe in the future, we won’t even need to party together. But that would be a bit boring, wouldn’t it?