The mobile multiplier

How will you get to the party?

With the increasing importance of mobility to organisations, the mobile multiplier paper explores five trends in mobile working to help fast track effectiveness.

How will you get to the party?

In the past, you might have driven to your office party in your company car. But who wants to be the designated driver? And who even wants a company car anyway, when there are better benefits on offer?                                                                                                           

Mobile working is now the norm for over 65% of office workers. In fact, it’s become so important for many of us that 67% of people say that being given the flexibility and technology to work more remotely is more important than being offered a company car. It’s no wonder, then, that 73% of people would rather the IT team invest more in mobile tech than in technology for their office desk. These are just some of the findings in our paper ‘The mobile multiplier’.

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Download the Mobility paper

This paper discusses the idea of the mobile multiplier – the more employees who have a good experience of working on the go, the more benefits their organisation will see. With findings from an independent survey of 1,500 office workers in the UK, France, Germany and Spain, it explores the benefits of mobility for businesses and employees, and what companies should be doing to make it a success.

Are organisations doing enough to give employees the tools that help them work more freely? And whilst most businesses understand the value of mobile working, do they really understand how important it is to their employees (it’s in the top three priorities for 76%)?

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