Automate cloud provisioning

Automate cloud provisioning

BT Cloud DDI solutions

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Streamline cloud deployments with automated DDI products from BT

The cloud is transforming the way organisations offer and support computing and communications services to their users and constituents. Cloud computing enables IT or service provider operations teams to provide network, computing and services capacity with flexibility, efficiency and elasticity. These benefits are realised primarily through the cloud’s characteristic use of virtualisation technologies, which enable them to rapidly instantiate additional capacity for a required service element within minutes. This elasticity affords organizations agility and cost efficiencies in offering network, computing and services resources dynamically sized to dynamic capacity needs over time.

Automating IP address assignment during instantiation of each virtual machine (VM) or virtualised network function (VNF) expedites the process whilst assuring unique address assignment. Diamond IP offers a variety of orchestrator plug-ins to automate these functions in conjunction with the Sapphire Cloud Automation Appliance (CAA) whilst maintaining a centralised DDI database for IP assignments across the cloud and enterprise network. Virtual Sapphire appliances enable elastic deployment of DHCP and DNS VM/VNFs as well. Learn more about our cloud automation solutions by reading our white paper or viewing our recent webinar on the topic.

BT Diamond IPControl stood out as the most cost effective solution with the richest functionality. It also offered easy integration using standard application programming interfaces.”
- Anthony Lackey, Communications Services Consultant, Unum.

The benefits

Maximise cloud elasticity and flexibility

  • Faster VM/VNF provisioning with no need to pause to assign and IP address and update DNS.
  • Improved provisioning accuracy with automated assignment of a free IP address for assignment per VM/VNF.
  • Sapphire CAA provides security and redundancy for orchestrator DDI transactions.
  • Simpler troubleshooting with all IP address information secured in a robust DDI repository.
  • Centralised IPAM for your entire network to manage all of your IP space holistically, integrating the view of cloud IP space and non-cloud IP space through a single pane of glass.
  • Segment administrative authority to enable different administrators or plug-ins to assign only on certain subnets for example.
  • Virtualised DHCP and DNS network functions with BT Diamond IP’s virtual appliances for DHCP and DNS services.
  • Lower cost though automation, less manual staff effort, fewer errors to troubleshoot, and higher customer or constituent satisfaction through rapid, accurate provisioning.
  • Multi-platform support with support for VMware, vRealize, Oracle VM, Xen, OpenStack, and coming soon, Amazon Web Services.


Cloud DDI solutions availability

Our cloud DDI solutions from the Sapphire CAA, to orchestrator plug-is and virtual appliances are available worldwide to facilitate your global cloud deployments.

BT Cloud DDI solutions



Cloud DDI

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