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Helping to close the gap between the online and physical retail experience

Creating a new digital customer experience

Today’s digital consumers increasingly expect to find in real life all the convenience and personalisation they enjoy online. Businesses across every sector must deliver a customer experience that matches that expectation.

Digital innovations can help to create that personal and convenient experience, and also make a visit more entertaining, more theatrical and appealing to the customer. There’s lots of new technology on offer, so why do many physical locations still look and feel like they did 20 years ago? Because businesses are still wrestling with fundamental problems around legacy systems, silos of data and security. And while it is fairly easy to pilot new technology in a handful of places, rolling that out at scale is much more challenging.

Digital Consumer solutions are designed to help customers overcome these obstacles and confidently create a digital customer experience that can then be introduced across their whole network, including globally. It combines core building blocks for managing digital content, merchandise and sales people, underpinned by infrastructure that makes it easier to share data, make digital solutions work with existing enterprise applications and all in a secure cloud-based wrap.

Our approach will help you to recreate in real life all the engagement, personalisation, information and choice that the consumer is used to online. You’ll be able to:

  • attract customers with a great first impression using digital signage, set the right mood with music and recognise and welcome individuals personally
  • engage customers with personalised offers, interactive displays and smart labels that give lots of additional information
  • give personal service from sales people who have easy access to information about your products and services and individual customers
  • conclude any transaction swiftly with mobile POS or self-service checkout

Within five years, all customers will expect a digital in-store experience”
 - The Future of the Retail Experience, Forrester 20151

1 The Future Of The Retail Experience, Digital Business: Digitize The End-To-End Customer Experience, Forrester, August 2015



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