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Secure your network with BT Diamond IP DNS security solutions

The domain name system (DNS) is fundamental to the proper operation of nearly every IP network application, from web browsing, email, to multi-media applications and more. DNS provides the lookup and translation services from name to IP addresses that are used by computers to communicate. An attack that renders the DNS service unavailable or which manipulates the integrity of the data contained within DNS can effectively bring a network down.

DNS has proven extremely effective and scalable in practice and most people take DNS for granted given this and its proven reliability. However, its essential function and decentralised architecture serve to attract attackers seeking to exploit the architecture and its rich data store for sinister activities. BT Diamond IP offers a defense in depth approach to reduce exposure and mitigate impacts including DNS security extensions (DNSSEC), denial of service mitigation, access control lists, DNS firewall, inbound and outbound rate limiting and more.

Visit our DNS security resource center to learn more about our DNS security solutions.

IPControl is absolutely brilliant. We now have clear accountability and faster processes. If I had to do it over, I’d choose BT without even thinking about it.”
- Rob Yawn, Network Manager, University of West Georgia.

The benefits

Secure your DNS, secure your network

  • Security designed in with DNS firewall, threat protection, rate limiting, access controls, and secure purpose-built DDI appliances in physical and virtual forms.
  • Improve overall network security by improving DNS security.
  • Protect vital DNS infrastructure with built-in defense in depth capability.
  • Bi-directional DNSSEC support with recursive validation and automated authoritative signing appliances.
  • DOS/DDOS mitigation at the port, operating system and DNS application levels.
  • DNS query logging support for centralised SIEM and log aggregators.
  • BT Assure services in conjunction with DNS logging analysis and controls.
  • Centralised DDI visibility, control and discovery across your network and cloud deployments.
  • Unsurpassed scalability with our solutions being used to manage the largest IP networks on earth.


DNS security solutions availability

Our DNS security solutions are available globally.

BT DNS security solutions