Giving customers choice in the way they contact you

Giving customers choice in the way they contact you

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The reality

Consumers make the choice of how they contact you

You can no longer predict how your customers will get in touch with you. Using mobile devices, they now choose the channel they find most convenient to get through to your agents — whether that’s via voice, video or social media.

Yet, only a third of consumers in our Autonomous Customer 2015 research agree that organisations make it easy to switch between different channels. If you don’t manage your communication channels effectively, your first-call resolution-rate will nosedive — and your customers will become frustrated, causing damage to your brand’s reputation.


The problem

You need to be ready for every eventuality

To meet customers’ expectations, you need to make sure they can get in touch with your agents in whichever way suits them best.

You have to offer a range of communication channels, including voice, video, IM and social media. But you also have to manage these in a way that allows you to resolve customer queries as efficiently as possible.

Keeping track of all the different channels (and having your agents switch back and forth between them) is a tough task. Imagine if a customer contacts you via IM, then calls back later for a video chat. Whichever agent talks to them (and it could be more than one) has to pick up the conversation — regardless of the channel the customer chooses to use.

How we can help

Our contact centres have all the essential consumer channels

Your customers have a range of options for getting in touch with you. So give your agents one platform that helps them perform effective customer relationship management (CRM) by providing access to all the channels they need.

Using cloud-based tools, you can offer customers the convenience of contacting you in whichever way they prefer. This gives you the flexibility to switch between channels to resolve queries — making you better able to meet customer expectation and improve the quality of your service.

Our cloud solutions help you:

  • meet customer demand by providing a choice of communication channels
  • improve your service by tracking customer conversations across channels
  • boost your first-call resolution-rate by making sure customers can always speak to the right agent.

Our contact centre solutions offer you an easy route to the cloud — giving your customers the convenience of choosing how they get in touch with you.

We also help you to keep track of your customer contact across multiple channels, equipping your agents with a single desktop that shows a history of all the conversations with any given customer.

On top of this, we can help you on the journey to a cloud contact centre that matches your business requirements. Our Professional Services team has a wealth of experience in successfully moving organisations to the cloud.

What our customers say

We’re able to use our 450 multi-lingual agents around our centres much more effectively. We’ve already started to see a ten per cent increase in their efficiency.”
-Head Ruth Birkinof Global Contact Centres, Etihad Airways

Key portfolio

Our cloud contact services

BT Cloud Contact
Future-proof your service with our global multimedia contact centre — all fully-managed to help you focus on meeting customer demand.

BT Advise Contact
Improve your customer experience while reducing costs by making your contact centre as efficient as possible with our Professional Services team.

Why BT

A choice of contact centre solutions globally

  • We have the full range of contact centres and applications to meet your customer’s expectations for excellent customer services, and we’ve got the experience and reach to give your customers that experience globally.
  • In an average month our Cloud platforms deliver over 6 million voice calls and 500,000 messages and chats from consumers in over 180 countries with agents located in 42 countries.
  • Our cloud contact platforms have 99.9% availability.