Intelligent Hybrid Networks

Intelligent Hybrid Networks

Network services solutions

The reality

Hybrid – its all about the balance

You are looking for the perfect network solution, one which utilises the advantages of public and private networks, one which uses the advantages of the internet but also uses the advantages of a VPN.

It’s all about balance, the balance between performance, cost, security and scalability. The perfect network solution has the perfect balance of these factors. A hybrid network enables you to balance these factors by utilising the full range of network options. That could mean that the internet is used to provide better coverage and low cost points, but that is combined with private network services which offer greater performance and security where it is required.

Giving you the platform to deliver your services

Find out how we are utilising hybrid network solutions to do much more than connectivity. We are maximising the performance of your applications and providing a platform to make cloud services a reality. We are delivering a great performance.

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The problem

Making the most of the internet

The internet offers a great opportunity for your network. It offers greater reach, it offers low costs and it offers access to cloud services. But it doesn’t come with the same service levels, the same capability and the same security levels that your private network offers.

You want to make the most of both the internet (public) and your VPN (private) networks. You want to use the public network for lower priority traffic and the private network for higher priority traffic.

You need a hybrid network solution which combines the best of both worlds.

How we can help

The best of both worlds

We stand out because we offer the best of both worlds. We offer a hybrid solution which combines a market leading private network with a market leading internet solution, to ensure that your hybrid solution offers the perfect balance of:

  • Performance & agility
  • Security
  • Scale
  • Cost

We will also give you control of your network. Our Connect Intelligence IWAN service was the first global solution utilising Cisco IWAN and its juts one of the solutions we offer which enables the offloading of traffic onto the internet. The offloading of lower priority traffic frees up bandwidth for more important traffic on your private network. We will combine this with our cloud of clouds vision, giving you direct connectivity to 3rd party suppliers such as Microsoft and the ability to use your network as the platform to a range of different cloud services.

We offer you the building blocks to the perfect intelligent hybrid solution.

Key portfolio

  • IP Connect – Our IP Connect service offers an intelligent flexible VPN, the platform to your complete ICT solution. We offer complete coverage globally and in the UK, utilising a range of different access and service options. Cloud connect is an extension of our IP Connect service.
  • Internet Connect – Our Internet connectivity comes in a range of different options. We offer business grade connectivity, which is the ideal solution for key applications and .com presence. We also offer a lower cost Internet Connect Reach solution, which has greater reach and perfect for local breakout from a branch network.
  • Connect Intelligence IWAN – The first global Cisco IWAN solution, which offers acceleration services, security services, reporting and the ability to offload traffic on to the internet.
  • Cloud Connect – offering direct connectivity to 3rd party cloud providers, cloud security and acceleration and connectivity to more than 250 data centres across the globe.

In a dynamic educational environment like ours, we have constantly to plan for the unexpected. IPControl makes that a much easier proposition.”
- Paolo Da Rosa, Network Architect University of Pisa

Why BT

BT is the ideal partner to help you reap the benefits of a hybrid solution.

  • We have the network, recognized by analysts as market leading for its reach and capability. It is the perfect platform to your intelligent hybrid solution.
  • Our Internet Connectivity leads the market because of its reach and range of options; we can meet the different demands of different organisations. Our Internet reach service can offer organisations internet access from the branch

Our Connect Intelligence IWAN solution offers the option of offloading traffic on to the internet as well many other services including acceleration, security and reporting.

  • Our technology vision, the ‘Cloud of Clouds’ allows you to connect easily and securely to the applications and data you need, globally. We have the infrastructure, platform, tools, people, experience and relationships, making us the best partner for you to go on your cloud journey with, both now and into the future.
  • We have the connectivity to the leading 3rd party cloud providers such as Microsoft, AWS and Salesforce, this is direct connectivity offering the assurance of service you need.
  • We have done it before, many times, we have the experience as well as the capability. We can make sure your intelligent hybrid solution a success.