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04 May 2016

Rob Stanton

Blogs by author: Rob Stanton, Technology Consultant BT


We can control almost any area of our homes using nothing but a tablet. What if we could do the same when it comes to configuring network services?

Home is where the harmony is.

Technology has become part of our living environment. We can set our favourite programme to record, watch TV, chat with friends, view or edit photos, lose to our kids at the latest game and control our heating, lights and music — all with the devices we use in everyday life.

So why don’t our corporate IT systems and networks respond so naturally? Why can’t we configure a new VPN, add new network functions (such as security), monitor performance by site or adjust bandwidth to reflect that performance — all with the touch of a button? This is where we need the network of 2020, today.

Business solutions, on-demand.

I’ll give you a couple of examples of what I mean…

A new security vulnerability has been discovered. Your service and customers’ data might be at risk. Patches are in development, but will take time to finalise and deploy. BT has a network security solution that can track and block the exploit, but it hasn’t been deployed yet. With an agile platform, you can deploy the security function into the network with a few taps on a tablet, securing your infrastructure, your service and your customers’ data in record time.

Or maybe you identify a new retail opportunity in Brazil — a collection of pop-up shops that need connectivity and security for the next couple of weeks. You want to demonstrate the latest applications in-store, which means you have to boost your performance across the cloud. Using flexible automated technology (such as LTE or satellite) at the store, and an agile, highly capable network, we can deliver connectivity to remote locations on an ad-hoc basis.

The network — evolved.
Our modern world is changing at an unprecedented rate, powered by rapid advances in software, IT and networks. At BT, we’re making big strides with the launch of new software-powered cloud services and solutions, underpinned by network function virtualisation (NFV) and software-defined networks (SDN).

By bringing together networking, IT and applications, you’ll be able to deploy services in all corners of the globe, using just your tablet. I don’t want to go as far as saying “any idiot could do it”, but we’re making network provision a whole lot simpler.

Breaking boundaries and building the future.

At home, we’re used to seamless services and effortless technology that works in the way we need it, when we need it. We’re working to bring this same natural experience to the office. Networks, IT and software, working together in harmony — letting you focus on getting things done.

This isn’t just about the network. We bring together contact centre, voice, data centre, application services and security, too. On top of this, we offer delivery commitments that focus on the needs of the end user, rather than the boxes that provide them with the tools they need.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, we think we know how we’re going to get there, and we’re investing in the building blocks of that 2020 network right now. While we do that though, we’re always looking to learn more about the pressures of our customers’ industries. So tell us what’s going to make a difference to you in 2020, and we’ll get to work on it now.

Discover how we’re working to break boundaries and give you the ability to network like never before.