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How fixed-mobile convergence can beat digital dislocation


21 November 2016

Global Services

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Mobile working can boost productivity, but your network is the key. Here’s how fixed-mobile convergence helps your people work smarter, from anywhere.

Remote working is taking over.

Technology has set the modern worker free — from the office that is. As our latest research — in partnership with Cisco — shows, half of your people now work away from their desks more often.

This can be great for productivity, but only if you give your mobile workers the same secure, reliable access to your network as they have in the office.

Make the right connections.

The challenge is getting your mobile connections to work as well as fixed ones — and making sure everyone can switch easily between the two. Without this, collaboration becomes difficult for your people, and digital dislocation begins to harm productivity.

You have to focus on providing the right infrastructure to support fixed-mobile convergence. Find out how in our infographic below, and discover more at bt.com/digitaldislocation.

Download the full report and find out more about digital dislocation in the workplace.