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INFOGRAPHIC: Getting to grips with digital retail


03 May 2016

Global Services

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As customers’ demands evolve alongside digital technology, the onus is on retailers to keep up. See our infographic below to discover what consumers really want.

As digital technology evolves, it affects how we all lead our lives. The internet and smart devices, for example, have completely transformed how we work, how we spend our leisure time — and how we shop.

Today’s digital customers are demanding — expecting retailers to deliver a shopping experience that meshes seamlessly with their digital lives. To get ahead, retailers need to be proactive in their approach to meeting customer demand. They have to offer omnichannel solutions that allow customers to interact with them digitally, at any stage of the buying process — including inside the bricks-and-mortar store.

The first step to preparing your business for digital demand is to get to grips with the facts. What are consumers looking for in the digital experience? How do they want to shop? And when do they like to buy?

Find the answers to these questions, and more, in our digital retail infographic.