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Security is no longer just an IT problem, it’s a major board room concern


03 August 2016

Jason Cook

Blogs by author: Jason Cook, CISO – BT in the Americas.


Data security is a key boardroom issue that affects the bottom line, here are 6 factors driving businesses to strengthen security:

It’s no secret that data security has become an increasing problem for any and all industries. With mobile, IT and cloud communications acting as an integral part of our global economy, security concerns have moved far beyond the IT sphere.

Here are six key motivators driving greater vigilance in data security:

1. Brand Protection
Perhaps one of the top outcomes that will gain management’s attention is brand protection. In the past few years there have been several security breaches at big brand firms – and this significantly impacts brand recognition for customers, costing millions to recover just the brand piece itself.

2. Mergers and Acquisitions
Typically when two corporations merge, security tends to be an after-thought after drilling down the people, processes, accountability and technology that the merged company invests in. However, this opens up a backdoor to another organization’s work environment that creates a gap in security.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)
The connected car is a good example of why security is so critical in IoT. Several car manufacturers have undergone expensive recalls due to security problems with the latest features such as WiFi connectivity. Now, car manufacturers are starting to build security into their designs.

4. Moving to the Cloud
Companies are discovering that the cloud is more secure than their current data environment but the security issues there are different – it’s no longer about having a firewall at the data center. What’s needed is a perimeter that’s built around identity and access management.

5. The Insider Threat
More often than not, employees of a company won’t have a full understanding of security procedures and how they’re contributing to them, such as securing online passwords or bring your own device (BYOD) policies. We recommend educating employees to get them in better habits, which is why many organizations with internal threats work closely with their HR department.

6. Third Party Ecosystems
Many assume that the vendors or partners an organization works with are secure and carefully managing what they’re responsible for, which is a big leap of faith. Given the rash of data leaks where the genesis was a third party supplier, it’s important to measure risks and connect proof that their potential partner is secure.

Re-think the Risk
The numerous elements of business operations are also risk outlets. In order to effectively manage those entities, step back and examine each piece individually to ensure areas of risk are identified and addressed. Your business is only as strong as its weakest point, so approach security with a big picture view. Be sure to read my full interview with Black Swan to learn more about data security and how we protect our customers in the ever-changing landscape.

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