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The three essential steps for digital transformation in 2017


13 January 2017

Chris Cochrane

Blogs by author: Chris Cochrane, CIO, Global Services.


The cloud holds the power to drive digital transformation. Our CIO, Chris Cochrane, highlights the three steps every CIO should take to guarantee success.

CIOs head into 2017 buoyed up by excitement about the possibilities offered by cloud-based services and applications. They’re acutely aware that, used creatively, technology can be a differentiator, an efficiency driver, and a customer experience and growth enabler.

But the CIO is also weighed down by a huge number of responsibilities, and must deal effectively with the disruptive trends of cloud, mobility and collaboration, and data.

Our report is specifically tailored to the needs of the CIO creating a strategy for digital transformation. And, to kick things off, the visual below shows the three steps our expert and CIO, Chris Cochrane, recommends to achieve competitive advantage.