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Why having work on your shoulders is a good thing.


28 November 2016

Jonathan Brasnett

Blogs by author: Jonathan Brasnett, Head of Global Mobility & Cloud UC, BT


As our introduction blog for ‘the mobile multiplier’ series outlined, mobile working can boost business productivity — helping your people complete tasks on the go.

Employees prefer to be on the move.

And providing employees with the technology to work almost anywhere isn’t just beneficial to your business, it’s one of the top three priorities for the majority of office workers. Our research reveals that mobile working is considered one of the most important employment benefits for a large proportion of workers.

So making this a reality in your organisation isn’t just good for the bottom line, but your people, too.

The office on your shoulders.

Having something on your shoulders is typically seen as negative and burdensome. But, as Marcus Hickman discusses in his video, in the case of the ‘shoulder bag’ worker, it’s actually a good thing.

Half of office workers say that they can fit everything they need to do their job in a bag. And this means that they’re ideally placed to work on the go — whether that’s travelling, at home, in a ‘coffice’ or elsewhere.

In fact, the vast majority of office employees work away from their desks at some point. But to make the most of this freedom, they need the right technology — including a great network and strong security.

IT decision makers need to facilitate this.

It’s clear to many IT decision makers that facilitating mobile working practices using smart technologies will help their businesses develop, become more productive and stay ahead of competitors in the market.

As one IT decision maker commented: “As mobile devices evolve, it’s important to our organisation to adopt them. Better communication with each other and our customers makes us more competitive.”

Is your organisation up to scratch?

The research findings show how strongly employees feel about mobile working. And they also indicate that, with the right tools — including a powerful network and strong data security — it’s a more productive and effective way to do business.

So, it’s important that organisations ask themselves whether they could increase productivity by helping employees work outside the office more often. And to consider if their benefits package includes this important aspect of modern working.

For more information on mobile working — particularly what employees expect from your organisation — download the full report, here.