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BT and Cisco white paper: How smart technology and innovative connectivity are transforming air travel

A new BT and Cisco white paper, ‘Ready for take off?’ looks at the huge challenges facing the airline industry. The airlines industry isn’t for the faint hearted - the rise in low cost airlines is expanding globally, global alliances are changing the business model and there’s a constant need to focus on the technology and security challenges that presents.

The sky is no longer the limit. Smart technologies and innovative connectivity could help not only to overcome current problems, but will open the door to new opportunities. IT and innovation investments are powering change, and getting the right connectivity in place now could be the foundation for a complete transformation for the aviation sector.

All transport and travel companies have the same main aim: Getting people from A to B as reliably, safely and cost-effectively as possible.

But doing this in an ever-changing, increasingly competitive – and often unstable – global marketplace is becoming more and more difficult.

On top of the need to respond quickly to changing geo-political factors and industry consolidation, operators also have to deal with the impact of new technologies and growing consumer expectations.

And all of this is pushing traditional systems and processes to their limit.

Companies wrestling with out-of-date working practices need to find ways to bring in new technology in order to work smarter, move quicker and deliver a better service.

It can seem very daunting, but a lot of the ingredients are already in place. The key is to bring them all together.

This paper outlines some of the common issues the airline sector faces and highlights how smart technology and innovative connectivity could help not only to overcome current problems, but to open the door to new opportunities.

Read our new white paper to discover the benefits of a connected business are limitless.

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