Join the party – wherever you are.

Avoid ‘Digital Dislocation’ by making it easier for global employees to communicate and collaborate – wherever they are.

Join the party – wherever you are.

It’s not always possible to get together for the annual get-together. But with the right technology you don’t actually need to be at the party to share a good time with your colleagues.

Technology is already bringing us together, even if we’re on the other side of the world. Think Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp. The popularity of these apps is no coincidence. They exist because communities and workforces are gradually becoming more disparate. In fact, a fixed workplace is a rarity in some industries. With more employees working away from an office, the questions are: how can organisations use technology to bring geographically-dispersed workers together? And how does technology foster a culture of collaboration?

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Download the Cloud paper

Find out more about ‘digital dislocation’ in the recent BT and Cisco paper ‘The digital dislocation at work’. It surveyed over 700 IT decision makers in enterprises to reveal the trends and barriers in play. The clear picture that emerges is the highest-performers are staying competitive by making it as easy as possible for employees to collaborate. Access to information and help anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The paper sets out how cloud collaboration and mobile working are creating new efficiencies for organisations, and enabling them to combat issues around infrastructure, investment and BYOD. And as the survey was originally carried out in 2013, it’s also interesting to see the ways in which digital dislocation has evolved over time when compared with this year’s research.

So, with technology now making it possible to come together wherever you are, maybe it’s time to think about hosting virtual parties.