The digital cio

Transform yourself and look the part for the party.

How are companies addressing business transformation in a digital world? Our global report explores the crucial role of the digital CIO.

Transform yourself and look the part for the party.

Everyone else is getting dressed up for the party – it’s time to transform yourself. And then get out there and mingle.

As technology advances, not only are organisations presented with key opportunities to digitally transform their businesses, the role of the CIO is also changing. That’s the key theme of our latest global CIO report. It’s rich with insights, from interviews with over 1,000 IT decision-makers who work for multinational organisations.

The message is loud and clear. We’re at the beginning of the “fourth industrial revolution” ­– a phrase coined by the World Economic Forum. And from the CIOs’ perspectives, digital transformation is firmly on the agenda – a recurrent theme at board meetings.

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The latest report underlines how crucial a CIO’s leadership qualities are and how many are stepping up to a more strategic role in their organisations. Especially when it comes to the creative use of technology as a differentiator, as an efficiency driver, and as a customer experience and growth enabler. There’s also an increasing importance for CIOs to collaborate with different areas of the business, in order to really drive these digital transformations.

As we move into 2017, with its countless new possibilities, CIOs are also clear on the most disruptive trends: cloud, mobility and collaboration, and data. They’re not new, but their power to transform business models has never been greater.

Read this report to better understand the trends that will shape our working lives into the New Year and beyond. And learn from businesses that have already gone through their own digital transformations. Knowing what you’re talking about is always a ‘good look’ at the office party.