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Technology is profoundly changing the way we shop

Ovum carried out a survey of 200 retailers – 100 UK-based and 50 each from the US and Europe – on behalf of BT, to better understand its current and future technology investments.

Customers in the UK typically use three or more devices to connect to online services and hence have several touchpoints with a retailer. This proliferation of devices and instant access to information often builds consumer expectations around the experience that they expect to have when engaging with a brand.

Hence, it is essential for retailers to offer a seamless experience across these touchpoints, using the data collected from these interactions to derive a single view of the customer and use that to offer customisable shopping services and an intensely personal shopping experience – which is what most modern customers have come to expect from businesses in the digital world.

The majority of UK-based retailers use a broad range of channels (social media, online stores, mobile apps, etc.) to reach and engage their customers. However, a vast majority of retailers (67% of respondents to Ovum’s survey) continue to rely on in-house, on-premise applications and infrastructure to support their digital initiatives with no plans of moving to outsourced or cloud-based platforms, software and services in the next 12–18 months.

The lack of agility and flexibility, and the limited compatibility with latest technologies of many of these in-house systems and infrastructure, are the most critical issues impacting UK-based retailers’ ability to swiftly make course corrections to fluctuations in market demand.

Download the research to find out more about how technology is profoundly changing the way we shop and how retailers are adopting diverse technologies for better customer engagement.



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