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The Butterfly Effect

BT and Cisco white paper: How smart technology is going to completely transform Utilities

A new BT and Cisco white paper, The Butterfly Effect, predicts that the challenges facing water and energy companies right now are just the tip of the iceberg. But it also reveals that meeting these challenges in the right way now will put utility companies in a great position to grasp new opportunities.

Small changes add up to big rewards for forward-thinking utilities

A new raft of legislation and regulation, combined with increased competition, is set to transform the utilities marketplace. And when you throw in technological and environmental changes, it becomes a far more substantial transformation than most industry players are ready to acknowledge.

The good news is that there will be huge opportunities in the new utilities landscape. There’s no quick fix, but you need to be getting ready now – and connectivity is key. This is what will underpin the smart cities of the future and enable the internet of things. And joined up systems will allow utilities to gather, analyse and act on the business insight offered by big data. The changes in themselves can be small – but the cumulative effect of getting different systems, processes and people talking to one another will be enormous.

Read our new white paper to discover the benefits of becoming a connected business.

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