Oil and gas automation threat

Oil and gas automation threat

Cyber security

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The oil and gas automation threat

Research shows attacks can cost millions

As technology has evolved over the past decade the oil and gas industry has seen a heightened risk around the security of their IP-enabled equipment.

Today, most of the systems that capture operational data for the industry are networked and electronically connected to business systems that monitor and manage their day to day operations more effectively.

It’s a huge asset – but it also increases their exposure to cyber-attacks, viruses and numerous other threats that have become a familiar part of the IT landscape.

Six top tips for avoiding cyber attacks

People, processes and technology are key

The oil and gas industry relies on keeping down production costs to create a price differential. Process interruptions due to cyber-attacks at a refinery or treatment plant may be temporary - but the cost advantage of the downtime given to competitors may take much longer to recover.

“Having the right people, processes and technology to assess, detect and respond to cyber-attacks can go a long way to securing organisations’ defences,” says Mark Hughes, president of BT Security.

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